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STATEMENT STATE OF NEW YORK RH 15-177668 COUNTY OF ONONDAGA CITY OF SYRACUSE 1, Joshua Gallo . being duly sworn, state {a GH 20 of 020 me” My occupations student ens oF Pe rathed al ihe lowing phone nbs and Ihave completed | home and ¢ wot Today f Tuesday, the Ind of March 2015, and Ihave been speaking wih Detective White of the Syracs= Pofce Deparment in regards to an incon tha occurred on Saturday’ night, 0272812015 into Sunday moming ox 12015, have boon pledging with che Nu Alpha Phi atcity up a Syracuse Univesity forthe past they days o so and he ares for he lami House fs 739 Ackerman Avenue, Syracuse, New York. On Saurdy watt hare Acker I TR <9 8 Pr eT Lis ne were HP wat co the park, Lower scplied foe mistakes made during the day Hookevay Par tom the fat house to be disciplined there. the park, I as wearing a odd sweats fas and bons shen the pcg nser,Jeffey Yam and Tae Kim and other members ofthe fern someting PT (physical waning) the sno whi hs Fm of inthe sn estimated that Yama Kim began (onsen 08 Aisspline, We were instructed to do push-ups, situps rawling exereses and rll minutes but F dont know For sure Because we ave not alloyed to wear we Were val there For approximately tity watches wile we ae pledging. ANer being dieplined, we were given hand warmers anus thee pledges wer then instructed to walk back tthe fratemty house on Ackerman Avenue. Once we made it ak ho the fa house ve were dismissed foe te night and then | went Home Wo my som, at could wo wet he Felina my hands since leaving the park. A got to my dorm. an my hans ue the hot sate For approvals thiy minutes ad then went w be When L woke upon te It of Mare, Fas having extreme pai in my har nd fingers and whe showed my hands to my roma, dey to me wo tothe hospital | was diagnosed with tosh ar! had hands bandage hile tthe Cnvse Irving Hospi. have hes tld hy: medical sta a de spi th here Tash of my hans that determination ~ chance that | cou lose a pink and ing Finger made on and Bees Ubelove thatthe geting disci spat othe ination wit the Nu Ah Phi er civ demerits an! eventually gefing chopper the proces, Fish ie masters eiey Varn and Tae Ki for placing me This isthe tut Thave read this sntoment (had this statement red io me) which consist | page(s) andthe fics contained therein are true and corect tothe best of my knowiedse. |Asfirmed under the penalty of Daa

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