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wld UNIVERSITY OF UTAH - URBAN INSTITUTE FOR TEACHER EDUCATION Golege of Edcation 1721 Campus Center Drv im 2260 Sak Lake City Utah 24112 801.58,7158 FAX 2015813609 wwvalteutaheds February 23, 2015 Re: Katelyn Hester ‘To Whom It May Concern: Katelyn Hester was a student in the Teacher Preparation program at the Urban Institute for Teacher Education (UITE), at the University of Utah. | was one of Katelyn's supervisors for her student teaching experience. Katelyn has been working in a first grade classroom at Pleasant Green Elementary, Granite School District. She has successfully perforrred all elements of the teaching process including assessments and conducting student/teacher/parent conferences. have been continually impressed by Katelyn's commitment to getting to know and understand all of her students. Her personal connecticns have been valuable assets in developing effective classroom ‘management. Her skills in this area have continued to grow throughout the year. Katelyn’s lessons are designed with the purpose of engaging her students in the learning process. she uses a variety of methods and materials. Her lessons bring to life the concepts she is trying to teach in an enjoyable way. It has been a pleasure working with Katelyn this year. As a teacher, she is conscientious, responsible and professional. She welcomes all suggestions and is eager to try new strategies. She has the ability to reflect on her own teaching and make adjustments to increase her success. ‘highly recommend Katleyn. She will be an asset as a colleague and as a teacher. Sincerely yours, inehan Cohort Supervisor