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Provided for Taliaferro / GenuineSaab Customers

Do the complete procedure on each head bolt, ONE AT A TIME, before
moving to the next bolt.

Note: Engine must be cold when retorquing. Saab recommends the
engine be allowed to completely cool.

If any bolt does not tighten completely, that bolt must be replaced with
a new bolt.

1. Unplug the connector and remove
the ignition discharge module and
spark plugs. Undo the crankcase
breather pipe on the camshaft
cover and remove the nipple for
crankcase ventilation and vacuum
from the camshaft cover. Remove
the camshaft cover.
2. Loosen one bolt.
3. Tighten to 60 Nm (44
4. Tighten a further 90 degrees.
5. Repeat for all bolts in sequence
pictured below.
6. Check and top off coolant or oil as
7. Reinstall cam cover, run engine
and perform a visual inpsection for leaks.

NOTE from Dean:
First check torque them all to see if any are really loose. Then in
the sequence for torquing; back off one at a time, do 60n.m then 90
degrees then go the next one. This is the standard method. I added
the pre-check to make sure that they are all sharing some load before
backing any off.

Expect to find many of the #40 VC bolts loose.
Valve Cover removal
The removal of the Valve Cover Gasket on any Saab with a Direct
Ignition Cassette is quite easy. As you can see in the photo the arrows
point to where "Most" of the bolts are.

Remove the Red DI Cassette by removing the 4 screws in the middle
of it.
Remove all bolts in the valve cover both on the inside of the cover and
around the outer rim of the valve cover
Remove the valve cover,
Flip the valve cover upside down,
Clean the valve cover and reinstall the new valve cover gasket, the
tabs on the gasket should hold it in place
Be careful when turning the valve cover back over so that the gasket
does not get pinched during the reinstall
Tighten the valve cover bolts to app. 20 ft lbs of torque
Re-install the DI cassette and you done!