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Board of Directors Meeting

February 21, 2007 7:30pm

Roll Call: Kim Blair De Vargas, President; Michael Golk, Vice President; Tom Witter,
Treasurer; Mary Beth Crockett, Secretary; Bill Tarpley, Director; and the following
community members, Rev. William Green, Linda Witter, Rick Battaglia, Diane Ladny,
Lee Ruggles

Proof Of Due Notice of Meeting – Sign posted at Fox Run Rd. entrance on Sunday 18
February 2007

Minutes from previous 23 January 2007 meeting read & accepted.

Motion to accept by Lee Ruggles and 2nd by Diane Ladny

Treasurer’s Report: Read & accepted at $24,622.74 with all bills paid up to date, but we
have outstanding checks not cleared from recent landscape work on medians
Moved to accept report by Mary Beth Crockett 2nd by Linda Witter

Old Business:
• Hess Lot #17 – Send letter requesting front yard maintenance. Get bids from
landscapers for this work
• Hardin Lot #33 – Send letter for Commercial Vehicle in driveway
• Lots #6, #7, #8, & #63 – Prepare letter to bring to next meeting for roof
maintenance, give 30 days for appropriate pressure cleaning / clean up. Let board
review before sending.
New Business:
• Lengthy discussion on package insert wording for the invoice & proxy in annual
handout. Moved by Linda Witter to accept, and 2nd by Diane Ladny
• We agreed to eliminate Contingency Reserves from the Proposed Budget
• Proposed Budget will now include monies collected from Sarasota Co. Grant
• Rick Battaglia has agreed to become a member of the board
• Westlake Estate Blog looking good. Thanks Michael!
• MB & Michael met with Rob Wright from Sara Co. regarding recommendations
for our ponds. Michael will call AAA Aquatics and discuss their responsibility.
Michael will also meet with Beautiful Ponds and talk about needs & pricing.
• Next meeting date is the Annual Meeting set for 27 March 2007 7:30pm at
Lakehouse West.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at approx 8:55pm
Motion to adjourn by Bill Tarpley, 2nd by Michael Golk.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Beth Crockett / Secretary