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A conveyor is a common piece of mechanical handling

equipment that moves materials from one location to another.
Now a days, we are coming in contact with conveyor in all walks
of life, specifically conveyors are making movement of raw
materials, heavy goods, assembly of ready products, truck loading
etc., we are customizing the use of conveyor system with
programmable logic controller(PLC) according to our convenience.
Material handling and packing industries essentially need
conveying system with increasingly needed safely measures.
Hence an automatically equipped conveyor along with PLC is
introduced here. Automated PLC control of conveyors with sensors
are used for monitoring and controlling conveyors with the
advantage of low cost and ease of installation.
PLC is automatically rugged and designed to withstand
vibrations, temperature, humidity and noise. It also has
interfacing for inputs and outputs which is stimulated. Protection
of conveyors with possible problems such as overloading, no load
issues, belt breaks, pull outs with the help of PLC and sensors is
exhibited here.