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Petal to petal long seam

welding by SAW
Eliminating need of heavy duty
Turn Table


Task in hand

Project No.s
Dish end diameter
Total kg deposition
Planned process
Planned resources

- Welding of 6 Dishends
(Petal to Petal long seam) of
the following jobs in MFS1
- 23199 A, B & C
- 4000mm, Weight - 12 Tons
- 550 kgs.
- Column & Boom,
Aranson positioners

Bottleneck - One Aranson Positioneer available for
welding 6 DEnd long seams.
Frequent breakdowns of the turn table during the first
DEnd welding adversely affected manufacturing
schedule .
PTC qualified for SAW welding.
MMA welding would have been a costlier option.

Conceptual stage
Requirement:- Eliminate need of Turn table

Hemispherical D/E

DEnds will be connected together and positioned inside

the fixture. Long seams to be welded by placing the DEnd
along with fixture on Tank Rotators.

Initial Preparation:

Two Dished Ends are positioned on top of each other and

joined together to get a perfect Sphere while maintaining the
trimming lines parallel to each other.

Design Features

Two half Rings bolted

together.(Rings were
Segments cut to suit
the Dend outer profile.

Clamping bolts to
hold the D/E firmly
in position.
Pipes connecting
the two rings.

Long seam welding in progress.

One long seam is welded at a time , 4 seams of Dends can be welded in

one set up.To weld 6+ 6=12 L/S , set up needs to be changed three times. 7

Long seam welding in progress.

Long seams

Long seams
for welding.

After welding 4 long seams the bolts on the upper half of the fixture
are loosened to make the Dend free inside fixture and the Dend is
rotated to set the next set of 4 seams for welding.

Further Development.
Gap between two

SAW Boom

Welding Head
Back Chip welding of Petal to Petal long seam by SAW
using the same fixture which otherwise would have
been welded by SMAW.

Conceptualization , design & manufacturing.
(Production Engineering HEW)
- R.V. Mahajan
- K. A. Khochare

(MFS 1 - Service and Assembly shop)
- R. N. Parikh
- A. G. Surve


Future Plan
Similar design will be adapted for the following
DEnds with improvised fixture design to reduce
the set up time.
1. 23200

- Dia. 5140 x 53 thick - 20 T

2. 23222

- Dia. 3864 x 50 thick - 9.5T

3. 23211

- Dia. 3330 x 40 thick - 4.9T

Total 6 hemispherical D/Es