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Company Name Numeric (part of Legrand group India)

Summer Internship Duration preference

April June (2 Month internship)
Project 1
To undertake a research with key stakeholders to understand, develop and recommend a
pricing model for services of UPS (Single Phase and Three Phase)
UPS Brand - Numeirc
Project Details
Service revenues is a critical part of the UPS industry in terms of customer satisfaction,
retention and profitability.
For Legrand India, service is identified as a critical business enabler for 2015. To take
this forward, company intends to develop a robust pricing model which is competitive as
well as well-differentiated in terms of value addition.
This comprehensive study would be the key deliverable for this project.

Location Chennai

Company Name Legrand India - Mumbai

Project 2
To undertake a research with key stakeholders to understand the synergies between the
sales model of two key product groups Voice Data Image (VDI) and UPS in the
verticals of BFSI, industry and infrastructure.
Project Details
Current situation is that there are two sales forces working independently to meet the
sales objectives of the above product groups. We feel there is a lot of synergy which
exists in the business model for the above two products within the various stakeholders
like project consultants, IT managers, contactors and installers. The project would
require finding the customer insights and recommending points of synergies which can
be leveraged by a common sales force.
VDI Brand Legrand
UPS Brand Numeric
Location Mumbai

Specialization Electrical/Electronics Engineer with approx. 2 years work experience.

Stipend offered - 10k for the entire duration of the projects

Accommodation Would prefer candidates having their own accommodation in the
above locations which would be mutually beneficial.