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NOT JUST A NEW CAR. A NEW BREED. tesla Y RE Pees ree THE NEW GENERATION It is the new shape of supremacy. The New Generation er D Scorpio is a new breed of car that makes a statement when usw dnetert ( N parked, and kicks up a storm, when on the move, Experience cornea Jf superior ride and handling with the new Scorpio's New a | | Generation Platform which includes an all new Cushion ‘Suspension Technology. and Anti-Roll Technology. Bend the roads to your command with a host of exciting new features. DT eta 2D] ec Seer) Sse Senet perenne / OU ie ‘The new bonnet scoop with eee Pees which increases engine Cs See for the predator on cor Pea Co ereone Poa etree ee FIERY EYES. | ieee FANGS OF STEEL. FEROCIOUS ome : Sry 3 7 reer = Os Control your music, J iterors and a brand new ial tone dashboard roe” PLUSH ON THE INSIDE.