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From: “The Lion King Circle of Life (Including "Nants' Ingomyama") by ELTON JOHN, HANS ZIMMER and LEBO MORAKE Lyries by TIM RICE, LEBO MORAKE and HANS ZIMMER Published Under License From Walt Disney Music Publishing 1 1994 Wonderland Music Company in. ‘Nau lgouyama © 1994 Wal Diseey Music Company lnvematonal Copyright Secured Al Rihts Reserved Available at search for: MNO0S7629 NOTICE: Purchasers of this musical file are entitled t use it for their personal enjoyment and rausical fulfilment However, any duplication, adaptation, ananging and or transmission ofthis copyrighted musi reqites the written ‘consent of the copyright owner(s) and of Walt Disney Music Publishing. Unauthorized uses are infingements of the copyright laws of the United States and other counties and may subj the user to civil and/or criminal penalis, $ CIRCLE OF LIFE (Including Moderately, with an African beat Bis HT ad ib ts'1rgo - nya SS Noose : “Nants’ Ingonyama”) ‘Music by ELTON JOHN Lyries by TIM RICE “Nants’ Ingonyama’” ‘Music and Lyries by Hans Zimmer and Lebo Morake B F ma ba-ki - thi ba-ba Si-thi ‘go - nya tmgo-nya = macba-ki thi baba Cm Gm F By Neng - we - ba Neo-nva 1 1994 Wal Diss Intemational Copia Saited rusienotes com he le le si-zonngeo ba-ba._ Neo-nya ma Neo-nya eee Available at