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13th of December 2013

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

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Dr. Murat imek


Homework 2
Question 1) Calculate the complex power, apparent power, real power, and reactive power for the circuit
shown in Figure 1. Draw the power triangle. Assume f = 60Hz.

Figure 1.

Question 2) The motor (   ) inside a blender can be modeled as a resistance in series with an
inductance as shown in Figure 2. ( w = 1000 rad/s ) (Vs = 120*2 Cos(wt)) Rs = 2

Figure 2
(a)Find complex power dissipated in the motor (or load) using power formulation for RMS values?

(b)Find motors power factor and determine the value of capacitor in parallel to motor (or load) to correct
the power factor to unity. Assume that load voltage is same after adding new capacitor in parallel to the

Hand writing and using this formatted paper given above are mandatory and deadline is at 17: 00 on 18th of December 2013. Put your
homework into the locked box on the left hand side in front of my room 212 in Aeronautics and Astronautics Faculty.

If I realize any cheating on your homework paper, you will get zero thats why you should be careful
for doing the homework.