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God loves you!

To prove it, He's

made all the beauties and pleasures
of nature for you to enjoy.

Smile! God loves you!

God loves you. He's loved you from

the very beginning and He'll love
you to the end.

God loves you and knows you

personally. He will never leave you
nor forsake you.

If you ever think that you're all

alone, that no one notices or no
one cares, remember this: God
sees you, He understands, and He
can make things better.

God never stops

loving us. He's
happiest, of course,
when we do what's
right, but He knows
we're not perfect. He
always has hope for
us, even when we go

When we know that God loves us,

we know that everything is going to
be okay.

You are a unique and special

creation of God, worth far more
than any earthly treasure.

God loves you more than you

can imagine, and He wants to
make your life happy, fulfilled,
and wonderful in every way.

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Quotes courtesy of Mottos for Success, Aurora Productions.

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