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Office  of  the  Provost,  Senior  Vice  President  
&  Chief  Operating  Officer  

March 20, 2015
To the Webster University Thailand Community:
As you are aware the Thailand campus has been the subject of commentary by former
WUT faculty members. Please be assured that several members of the University’s staff,
faculty and administration have investigated complaints of wrongdoing and found them
to be baseless. It should be noted that some of the media used by these individuals are
platforms where any opinion can be presented as fact, and have been the subject of
lawsuits by other institutions of higher education for posting false, libelous and
defamatory information. WUT is discussing its legal options with counsel.
As part of the University’s continuous quality improvement program, a committee of
faculty and staff from Webster University conducted a full review of the Thailand
campuses during the past year, and are expected to issue a report at the end of March.
We are confident that this report will provide a complete understanding of the strengths
and potential areas for improvement on the Thailand campus, in addition to offering a
plan for the future. We will share the conclusions of this report with you when they are
Webster University — as a strong, global university — will continue working to provide
uniquely global experiences, which prepare students to lead as global citizens. Whether
in Thailand or any place where Webster operates, our business model strives to
integrate our global assets in innovate ways to achieve excellence in our programs and
services for the ultimate benefit of our graduates.
Julian Z. Schuster, Ph.D.
Provost, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

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