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Consult CPs Good (1/1)


1. Real world Education

a) Real world is key to education because it’s the only thing that gets taken beyond each round.
b) Education outweighs fairness because the rules were made to maximize education, if we find a
way to increase education, we should restructure the rules.

2. Tests the resolution

The act of consultation is a key test of the word “resolved” in the resolution; the CP is offense against
the resolution.


1. It’s real world

The real world is crucial to understanding the details of international policy issues, relations, and how
the United States frames multilateral issues which is a better internal link into education because it’s the
point of debate.

2. It’s predictable
Only allowing reasonable consultation is predictable. If their affirmative is about lowering the Brazil
tariff, then a “consult brazil” counterplan is predictable; they only have to research the other country
central to the topic we’re discussing.
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Consult CPs Bad


1. Consult kills education

a) It’s infinitely regressive – we can’t predict all the different combinations of actors and policy
changes to the plan which shift the debate from the resolution to irrelevant net benefits and
insignificant policy differences.
b) Amendments bad – no one can predict what will be changed without specific lit which kills
education and clash as the aff cannot research for answers because they simply don’t exist.

2. Creates multiple worlds

They can argue that the actor says yes no or makes any number of amendments to the plan. This means
that the affirmative has to debate in infinite number of worlds, which skews 1ar/2ac strategy.

3. Kills Ground
a) Time and strat skew – they can steal all the offense from the 1NC by simply proposing that we
listen to some random country’s opinion.
b) Not functionally competitive – The neg can’t produce evidence that <<insert actor>> would
have specific modifications to our plan. Instead, they rely on moving-target fiat to fill in
solvency, links, and uniqueness, which are all core tests of competitiveness. That’s an
independent voter for fairness.