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DE 10 2013 110 249 A1 03/19/2015
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(21) Case number: 10 2013 110 249.2
(22) filing date: 17/09/2013
(43) Offenlegungstag: 19/03/2015
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G21B 3/00 (2006.01)
(71) Applicant:
Airbus Defence and Space GmbH, 85521
Ottobrunn, DE; Airbus Operations GmbH, 21129
Hamburg, DE; Astrium GmbH, 82024 Taufkirchen,
(74) Representative:
Elbpatent Marshal & Partner, 22767 Hamburg,
(72) Inventor:
Kotzias, Bernhard, Dr., 28717 Bremen, DE;
Schliwa, Ralf, 21739 Dollern, DE; Toor, Jan van,
81739 Munich, DE
(56) Identification of the art:
US 2011/0122984
US 2012/0008728

95/15 563
2009/125 444
2010/096 080
2013/076 378
2004- 085 519
Cold fusion as a game changer, Haiko Lietz
23.03.2012, Part 11: Applications of Cold
Fusion has the potential, current systems
to revolutionize
Request for examination pursuant to 44 of the Patent Law is set.
The following information is taken from the documents submitted by the applicant
(54) Title: Apparatus and method for power generation
(57) Abstract: To provide an environmentally
friendly, suitable for the transport sector Wrmeenenergy source that the invention provides a power generation
Apparatus (10) for generating heat energy by
an exothermic reaction in the form of a LENR by tongue
tion of a metal grating-assisted hydrogen process,
a reaction vessel (14) with a reactive LENR mamaterial (45) corresponds to the implementation of the exothermic reaction
cool reaction chamber (16),
a field-generating means (18) for generating a
Field in the reaction chamber (16) for activating and / or
Maintaining said exothermic reaction, a heat

transmission means (20) for transferring heat in

to and / or from the reaction chamber (16),
one operating parameter detecting means (28) for ERConstitution least one operating parameter in the response
tion chamber (16), and
a controller (26) which is adapted to the Felderzeugenerating device (18) and / or the Wrmebertragungseindirection (20) in dependence upon the detected set of operating
to tax-parameters for the stabilization of the exothermic reaction
ren or regulate.
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DE 10 2013 110 249 A1 03/19/2015
[0001] The invention relates to a device and
a method for power generation. In Particular
The invention relates to a Energieerzeugungsvorrichtion with a reaction vessel or a cell
for generating heat energy through a exoautothermal reaction. As exothermic reaction is a
LENR carried out, this stands for "low energy nuclear reaction ", ie, nuclear reaction at low energy
[0002] The latest research shows that with comassistance of metal grids hydrogen, including
All isotopes of hydrogen, including
understood lightweight hydrogen, deuterium and tritium
the under the action of shocks and Resonanzeffekten can be used for energy production.
[0003] LENR materials are already existing
known and are used by a number of companies
more light, in particular the Leonardo Corporation WO 2009/125444 A1 see the - or the firms
men Defkalion Green Technology, Brillouin Energy
or Bolotov.
[0004] Under LENR + are LENR processes comparison
stood that correspond using special purpose
worfener nanoparticles run.
[0005] For the explanation of the invention and its
advantageous embodiments is in particular
the following literature reference:
[1] WO 2013/076378 A2
[2] N. Pazos-Perez et al .: Organized Plasmodium
nic cluster with high Coordination Number and
Extraordinary Enhancement in Surface-Enhance

Raman Scattering (SERS), Wiley, Applied

Chemie, Int. Ed. 2012, 51, 12688-12693
[3] Maria Eugenia Toimil Molar: Characterization and properties of micro- and nanowires of controlled size, composition, and geometry fabricated by electrode- position and ion-track techgy, Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 2012, 3,
860-883, published 17 December 2012 Design.
[0006] Preferred embodiments of the invention
aimed at an autonomous - ie parmore portable, compact - generator for power
to provide care, for the different approaches
applications can be used. In Particular
are applications in automotive and vehicle
construction, in the aircraft industry, Schifffahrtsinindustry and intended for the aerospace industry.
[0007] There are already some time different
surface heat sources for such areas in the
Use. For example, conventional cells for energy
supply boring machines, such as turbines
or piston machines based upon chemical combustion
recorders and oxidation processes using
are based on fossil fuels or synthetic
ren. There is a great need, the currently used
added thermal energy sources to replace because they one
offer ne number of disadvantages.
[0008] In particular, the invention provides a heat
source of revenue to replace the well-known ther- mal
generating companies for the transport sector, eg in the car
motive industry, shipbuilding, aircraft industry, for space
emissions, but also for research and testing
advertising purposes and for expeditions and Feldanwentions or military applications with mobile
Units are created.
[0009] Heat sources that the use of fossil
Avoid using fuels are already for space
supply missions or submarines in operation, this
but contact has long been known conventional techenergy, ie in particular the nuclear radioactive heat
sources, for example, based on uranium fission
or simply using plutonium decay.
[0010] A new technology, the favorable the
Characteristics of conventional technology in terms of
reliability and autonomous operation, but in
Connection with a waste-free operation and one
nem operation provision free of nuclear radiation

len and this even at competitive costs

th, is a very high potential for industrial
le applications, particularly in the transport sector,
[0011] Previously known cells using
exothermic reactions have the disadvantage
that they are not self-sufficient or not self-sustaining
are, with the risk of instabilities one exothermaler
ne control and an external power supply to the
Operation required.
[0012] The following criteria should an exothermic enenergy source that for the transport sector as vehicle
construction, aerospace meet:
1. The energy source should be environmentally friendly and
be sustainable, ie energy, in contrast to
conventional energy production on carbon
material basis without production of greenhouse gases
and further without radiation and without waste, in
without special radioactive waste, produce.
It should also be evaluated for secondary energy
gietrger work free of carbon, such as by
Wind or solar energy produced energy
carrier or fuels.
2. The power source should be in the power of working
ranging from a few watts to megawatts as rated
performance can be designed.
3. The power source should be integrated into small units
be grated, such as in automobiles or aircraft
and spacecraft.
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DE 10 2013 110 249 A1 03/19/2015
4. It should be lightweight in terms of perhis border work. It would be desirable a value
less than 10 MWh / kg.
5. It should be lightweight, with regard to the
Be provided performance. Desirable
value would be a value less than 1 kW / kg.
6. You should not need recharging
or continuously for a longer time Nachtankung
Lich work. It would be desirable operating a
duration of more than 1 month without recharging
or Nachbetankung.
7. It should be self-sufficient and self-sustaining,
that is, external operation without the need to

add ne energy or power, granted

8. You should ar- reliably to a considerable extent
9. It would be desirable that once construierte cell without recharging or refueling
works and after their lifetime in terms of
sustainable management is recyclable.
[0013] The next solution currently, most of the
complies with the above points, the so-are
called "RTG (English for radioactive thermo generated
tor, ie radioactive thermoelectric generators), the plucomparison tonium as fuel material or energy
contact. Such a solution of radioactive thermal
but should not be considered generators
, since it does not meet the important point 1.
[0014] The invention proposes the gitterunterbased collective hydrogen process (LENR or
LANR) in front, with "hydrogen" both easier
be understood and also that of heavy hydrogen
the can.
[0015] grating-assisted reactions have been as
LENR (low energy nuclear reaction) is known. It is
known that this type of reaction at correct
system flow neither radioactive waste still dangerous
surface radiation produces and in respect of Energiezelle meet or energy source points 1 and 4 to 6
can. The objectives of 2 to 6, by appropriate
One interpretation, reflecting the usual expertise
nes engineer using the inherent FAE
LENR- skills of a system can be achieved.
[0016] The invention has the object of providing a
ne apparatus and a method for energy generation
tion to create, with which as many of the
above criteria 1 to 9 can be achieved.
[0017] For this purpose, according to the invention, a predirection with the features of claim 1 and
a method comprising the steps of further independent claim proposed.
[0018] Advantageous embodiments are the subject
of the dependent claims.
[0019] The invention provides an energy generation
generating device for generating heat energy
by an exothermic reaction in the form of a LENR
by use of a metal grid-assisted water
serstoffprozesses comprising:

a reaction vessel with a reactive LENRMaterial for carrying out the exothermic reaction
containing reaction chamber, a field generation
means for generating a field in the reaction
tion space for activating and / or maintaining
of the exothermic reaction, a heat transfer
means for transfer of heat into and /
or from the reaction space,
one operating parameter detecting means for ERConstitution least one operating parameter in
the reaction chamber, and a controller to
is formed, the field generating means and /
or the heat transfer device in dependence
dependence of the detected operating parameters for status
stabilization of the exothermic reaction to control or
to regulate.
[0020] It is preferable that the operating parameters
Exploder detection device for detecting a temperature
temperature in the reaction chamber as an operating parameter
is formed and / or with a Temperatursensensor for detecting the temperature in the reaction
space is provided.
[0021] It is preferred that the sole energy
sup- ply of a thermoelectric controller
Generator which is adapted to heat energy
from the reaction chamber into electrical energy comzuwandeln, is connected to the control and /
or that the control means of the heat from the
The reaction chamber is operated.
[0022] It is preferable that the controller to
is formed, the electric power of the thermoelectric generator to regulate as a control variable.
[0023] It is preferable that the field generating
device is adapted to an electromagnetic
cal field to stimulate and maintain the
LENR to generate in the reaction space.
[0024] It is preferable that the controller in such a way
is formed such that the field generating means
no reaction generating or maintaining
Tendes field generated when the temperature in the
Reaction chamber is not above a predetermined
critical temperature or in a predetermined
certain operating temperature range.
[0025] It is preferred that the LENR material
a LENR + material is the fuel material a
with specially formed micro- and / or nano-particles

to catalyze a reaction or in a
LENR + process contains and / or that the reaction
Page 4
DE 10 2013 110 249 A1 03/19/2015
tation room with dry LENR material containing sodium
nanoparticles and hydrogen is filled.
[0026] It is preferred that the LENR + material
Micro- and / or nano-particles of a metal up
points, which is selected from the group consisting of Ni,
Pd, Ti and W, which nanoparticles with an
ner polymer coating or poloxamer coating
tion with radiation or Ionenspurverfahren cavities produced are provided.
[0027] It is preferable that the heat-transfer
generating device, a pipe system for Abtransportieren of heat from the reaction chamber by means of a
Includes heat transfer fluid.
[0028] It is preferable that the heat-transfer
generating device is adapted by means of a
Heat transfer fluid to the reaction chamber on a
Operating temperature for the LENR process aufzuheizen.
[0029] Particularly preferred is the Wrmebertransmitting device at a start-up procedure for
heat by means of the heat transfer fluid and loading
operation used to carry away the heat.
[0030] It is preferable that a heat-conducting
Housing enclosing the reaction space.
[0031] It is preferred that the thermally conductive
Housing the reaction chamber and in this ragende or these sweeping pipes or conduits
the heat transfer device includes.
[0032] It is preferable that a thermoelectric
Then layer provided on the reaction chamber
is seen to get out of the heat of the reaction chamber
to generate an electric energy.
[0033] It is preferable that the thermoelectric
Produced layer to the housing or to the housing
to is arranged and is adapted to electrical
tion to generate energy from heat when the exoautothermal reaction is in operation.
[0034] It is preferable that the control by
the thermoelectric layer is supplied with energy,
to, upon reaching a predetermined Betriebstem-

temperature field generating means for activation

ren and / or maintaining the exothermic function
tion to control.
[0035] Preferably, providing the thermoelectric
Satisfy layer only above a certain temperature
Gend energy that allows the controller, which
Field generating means for activating and / or
Applied for maintaining the exothermic function
. control Is due to a lower temperature
produces less energy, thus being electrical
cal field is not generated.
[0036] It is preferred that pipes or tubes
re the heat transfer device at the same time as
Electrodes or poles of the field generating device
are formed.
[0037] According to another aspect provides the ER
making a power generation method for generating
supply of thermal energy through an exothermic reaction in the form of a LENR by using a metallgitteruntersttzten hydrogen process, comprehensive
a) charging a reaction chamber with LENR mamaterial including Micround / or nanoparticles
to provide a metal mesh and water
b) warming the reaction chamber at a loading
operating temperature for a LENR above for
LENR critical temperature,
c) generating a field to activate and up
maintained the exothermic reaction by one
ner controlled by a control Felderzeugenerating device in response to a temperature
temperature in the reaction chamber;
d) thermoelectric converting heat
of the reaction chamber into electrical energy to
implemented only with this thermoelectrically
converted electric power to the controller
operate or supply to and
e) removing the exothermic by Reakion
produced excess heat to heat energy
[0038] Preferably, the method further comprises:
Driving the field generating means for ERwitness of the field only in the case where an enzyme
ergieparameter, especially as a voltage
or current, the delivered in step d)

th electrical energy above a predetermined

Threshold value and stop generating the fields
of when the energy parameters under a precertain threshold.
[0039] The inventive apparatus and the
process of the invention provide a device
device and a method for power generation,
environmentally friendly and sustainable are long time withne reloading can be operated and outside
are the extremely compact. Further, by
advantageous action of the invention or their
th embodiments Energieerzeugungsvorrichtunconditions created, self-sustaining, reliable and
can be operated safely. According to
these systems are operated in vehicles and
are particularly suitable for use in the transsuitable port sector and provided. In Particular
these systems can use in vehicles
Page 5
DE 10 2013 110 249 A1 03/19/2015
are, det Show sub- an autonomous and vibration
provide a toss around.
[0040] Where there are the apparatus and method
uses the LENR processes, which generally
are known. In particular, LENR materiality
s used, as described in WO 2009/125444 A1 of,
EP 2368252 B1 and WO 2013/076378 A2
are described in principle.
[0041] Preferably, specially designed
Supply micro- and / or nano-particles in the material
applies. In a particularly preferred embodiment
tion to the spe- micro- and / or nano-particles
essential coated, particularly with a poloxamer
existing coating (PF68), as the coating in [2]
is written. It is preferably cavities
produced by a method as described in [3]
is written.
[0042] In a preferred embodiment comprises
the energy generating apparatus comprising a container
including a structure for a reactive material,
means for introducing an electromagnetic
matic field, a mechanism for heat
transmission and control logic or control logic.
[0043] In the LENR process used

especially hydrogen converted into helium gas

delt, with a large amount of useful heat
me is released. The process takes place at a loading
operating temperature instead of that - in contrast to the necessary temperatures for plasma Fusionsprozesse, such as those run in the sun - well in industrially produced reactors are tradable. For this purpose,
is a suitable substrate of nickel or a
Others rely on suitable metal with a correct
internal geometry used, with water
deposited material particles in cavities in the metal lattice.
By a pulsed electromagnetic field - or
by other relevant fields - are stress
zones generated in the metal and expended
Energy is concentrated in very small spaces.
[0044] For example, materials and reactions monoset, as described in WO 2013/076378 A2 and / or
WO 2009/125444 A1 are described.
[0045] The LENR material and Prozessparameter are preferably selected such that
Configurations are avoided where harmful
che electromagnetic radiation or baryonic,
such as neutron radiations can be avoided.
[0046] The inventors believe that with currently
LENR-like processes of the hydrogen nucleus, the
in particular, a proton is a nukleidinternen
Restructuring at the level of the weak and
strong interaction is subjected. Products
this may deuterium and then in a
Chain reaction starting his He4 of deuterium.
The 4He is not free, but to the Gittertrgermabound material. The limitation or restriction
effect on these bound state is determined by the
created electromagnetic fields in the
Vacancies occur.
[0047] As already described in LENR processes
is known, resonance effects are used to
to strengthen the electromagnetic fields. Specific
nomic effects occur at about 15 THZ and 11 microns. The
Resonance effects are turned by a pulse edge
excited, which by an electromagnetic field
Electrodes is initiated.
[0048] The pulse is a control or
Control logic generates machine or the state of the cell
of the reaction chamber monitored.
[0049] It is understood that in case there was

lerhafter control or monitoring and control

creates a dangerous radiation tion of the fields
can be. A dangerous radiation up
occurred if no collective absorption of electromagnetic radiation occurs. This is particularly
Re is the case when the reaction chamber is not in
a suitable operating temperature is. An
Operating temperature is a temperature above a
for LENR processes critical temperature. Usually
as are especially for Ni-catalyzed proprocesses such operating temperatures at about 500
K or above. In processes using
Carbon nanotubes are typical Betriebstemtemperatures at about 1000 K. Depending on the material are
Lower temperatures also conceivable, the above
the Debye temperature will be.
[0050] If a temperature in the reaction chamber
temperature below a critical temperature such
ture or reaches threshold temperature could undesired radiation occur. Such conditions
could occur, for example at a modificaon by persons in a random situation or
in case of accidents or maybe with a random increase
heat removal during operation. According to
one aspect of the invention, an energy
supply for the control is designed such that
the control then, if the reaction chamber is
not at operating temperature and thus below one
ner critical temperature is not sufficient to
cient supply voltage or sufficient energy
will provide and therefore no exothermic process
is activated by trigger pulses. Is the
Cell at a sufficiently high temperature,
the power supply sufficient so that trigger powder
se are generated by pulse width modulation can
nen, activate the exothermic process.
[0051] Preferably, the power supply of the
Control is different from previous controllers
Page 6
DE 10 2013 110 249 A1 03/19/2015
conditions for such processes. Specifically, the
Control of the heat in the reaction chamber
energized. The heat generated is itself
by removal of heat by means of heat transport

device used. The control is thus by

own, usable from the actual heat
energy supplied separate energy.
[0052] Preferably, the Wrmetransportein- is
used direction to the reaction chamber on loading
operating temperature heat. Only when the heating-up
described linking agent such separate heat source
is exaggerated, is due to the energy supply of the
Control by the then only heat generated in
the reaction chamber with sufficient energy to
Supplied activation of LENR process. Therefore
to the operation of the reactor - the energy
supply for maintaining the temperature and the electrical
trolysis - and the control by different
Sources of energy supplies. Thereby, a higher
Efficiency effects. Moreover, the control is stable
ler in terms of random power waste so that
Also, when an external power supply
ausfal- due to an accident or in pretense
len should, because of their own energy supply,
which is maintained by the heat of reaction,
can continue to work and so far still tax-cell
ren can.
[0053] Advantageous embodiments of the invention,
provide an apparatus and a process for ene
ergieerzeugung which Insertion in the transport sector
are cash.
[0054] Particularly preferred is a total solution
provide that all criteria 1 to 9 for such
Exothermaler energy sources as explained above achieved
[0055] By using an exothermic reaction
based on a LENR or LENR + under comparison
use of hydrogen in a metal material in
Temperatures above a critical temperature
and within a pulsed field, so energy
energy by converting enclosed water
serstoffkernen to generate an energy generation
created generating device, until all the features of 1
7 of the advantageous criteria for energy sources for the
Transport sector in general and also features 8
and 9 have been fulfilled.
[0056] In an advantageous solution, the enzyme
ergieerzeugungsvorrichtung at least one cell
or a reactor in which at least one, several or all of the following i) to vii) com-

i) It contains a specially-designed nanoparticle
Fuel material cata- a LENR + process
catalyses or in a LENR + process with water
hydrogen reacts (the "+" refers to the specifically
designed nanomaterial).
ii) It is a system of tubes is provided, which
the heat of reaction by means of a fluid from the
Reaction product transported. Is particularly
provided a thermal fluid transport pipe system
iii) The reaction fluid is preferably also
if used, to the cell or reaction
crease heat up to operating temperature. For
LENR technology, the operating temperature
approximately above 500 K.
iv) It is further a thermally conductive housing
se for encapsulating the Rhrenund Brennstoffsyssystem provided.
v) A thermoelectric layer around the housing
se supplies electrical energy when the cell loading in
operation is.
vi) An electrical compensation unit and one
ne rules are provided for the operation
mechanism to control such that the operation
is stabilized.
vii) The control system is determined by the thermocomparison tric layer around the body with energy
provides. The voltage of these thermoelectric layer is a monotonic function
the heat in the housing. If the cell
is not at operating temperature, the electrical voltage smaller than a predetermined critical
certain value, and the controller does not provide the
Pulse necessary for cell operation.
[0057] So far, though LENR cells are already existing
known, but they work with the risk of exotherm unstable effects, loss or
harmful explosions or harmful radiation
can lead developments. Are also pulsed systems
conceivable, although not self-sustaining, so do not
are self-sufficient. A pulse of energy is used to heat
the operating temperature used for the reaction.
At the operating temperature of the exothermic process
initiated. This process is stable, but stopped after one
ner on time. According to this second type

a known process LENR stable but not

self-sustaining and self-sufficient. He has a low
Efficiency compared to stand-alone systems
and therefore need additional external energy and
[0058] In the preferred embodiment of the invention
to the invention apparatus and erfindungsgeMAESSEN method, however, a cell is created
fen, which is self-sufficient and yet stable and additional
Lich secure against manipulation towards a loading
operating outside the operating range.
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DE 10 2013 110 249 A1 03/19/2015
[0059] In the preferred embodiment, this is
particularly through the element mentioned in more detail above
elements v) to vii) achieved.
[0060] So far, we expected that LENR cells
must have a vacuum in the internal mechanism
or a wet operating environment. By vacuum
or the wet operating environment can, however, high
hey internal mechanical shocks occur, the loading a
load cause due to mechanical loads
under environmental stresses, such as vibration
movements or vibrations may occur. On the basis of
This property previously conceived LENR cells
is reliability when operating in a
Supply of transport or in the transport sector
[0061] An advantageous embodiment of the invention,
other hand, sees a dry environment - dry
Reaction space - before, in which a pressure approximately at atmossphere-level rules.
[0062] Preferably, each cell core unit in one
NEM very compact design executed. Hereby
can be expected high reliability, as
only low internal stresses under Betriebsumgedowns occur. Compact power cell design
for other conventional energy conversion
systems already prior art; but the combination
nation LENR a cell with a compact burdened
tenance-free mechanical design is not known.
[0063] Due to the characteristics of the autonomous
and simultaneously stable system and compact
Construction is the first time a LENR-tech

technology designed such that they also in systems

men with strong mechanical vibrations
can be used as often on the transport sector can occur.
[0064] In popular literature on LENR is often
a so-called. "cold fusion" and the Pons-Fleischmann
Effect mentioned. This Pons-Fleischmann effect has
However, only in pre Distant something with here
provided technology to do, especially since the
Physics behind this Pons-Fleischmann effect only
is difficult to understand.
[0065] Nevertheless, the results of these experiments to reproduce Pons and Fleischmann today
ible, see the lectures and publications
conditions of Prof. Hagelstein of MIT and M. Swartz
of Jetenergy in relation to the experiments FUSOR,
Nanor. Also, in France, many references
zen given by Mr Naudin. The experiments
often refer to a wet cell and a
Operation with palladium, with a direct current or in
Special cases, alternating current is used. Many
le first experiments to this effect were due to
Detection limit.
[0066] In the presented technology
In a preferred embodiment, a dry cell
used, ie a reaction chamber with non-liquid
ger filling. It may be possible from a gas mixture
Hydrogen and / or potassium compound is used
come. The energy for excitation in these syssystems supplied pulsed. This allows specific
elle Systemzugstnde - Rydberg atoms - stimulated
be. The Rydberg atoms behave electromagnetically for a short time as a new
tral nucleon. This is a merger with an electrically charged nucleus possible. This principle is
already been implemented by a number of companies - see
Hey Leonardo Corporation, Defkalion Green techlogy, Brillouin Energy, Bolotov.
[0067] There are previously thermoelectric
Layers on the use of expected heat of reaction
me and converting the heat of reaction in
electrical energy have been proposed. However
in the preferred embodiment of the invention
tion only the control and berwachungselekelectronics with the heat from the thermoelectric about
cal transformation generated electric energy

supplied. The useful heat is the Wrmebertransfer unit - in particular by means of a fluid out from the reaction space.
[0068] already presented concepts, where the reaction
onswrme for the direct production of electrical
Provided energy using thermoelectric layers
will strike, are rather used as infeasible
underestimated. This can be a very simple efciency contemplation determine.
[0069] A major difference from earlier
heren recipients on fusion principles Patentdokumenten, the thermoelectric generators Tongue
zen is that accordingly by Thermogeneratoren converted electrical energy in the training
design of the invention merely for energy
supply - preferably also for the exclusive
Energy supply - a controller and / or a
ner control and / or a berwachungselektrotechnology is used.
[0070] are examples of such prior documents
are described in EP 0724269 A1, EP 0563381 A1
EP 0477018 A1, EP 1345238 A2 and the
EP 0698893 A2.
[0071] Of course, thermoelectric
Generators well known and it is also known,
set such that thermoelectric generators
can be set to electrical energy achieved
attest, once you have heat.
[0072] However, in the particularly preferred
Embodiment of the invention, a thermoelectric
Generator is not one to generate the useful energy
Page 8
DE 10 2013 110 249 A1 03/19/2015
set, but a thermoelectric energy for
Supply supply for the control of the reactor itself
turns, wherein the voltage output at the same
can be viewed as a control variable tig.
[0073] In order for a stable operation is possible for
a In the start-up phase, it directly affects the energy
the process is used for the control. Data
with the cell is activated only when the operating
state. On the other hand, a more stable operation in
the switch-off possible. If an external, untersttzende power source for the controller and

be introduced energy, which in the operation

Otherwise, would it fail, would be a cell,
supplying the control of the external energy
is in an undefined state. In the present here
beaten solution this is not the case, since the
Control autonomously by the thermoelectric total
generator is supplied with energy, as long as heat
is available.
[0074] The separation of the control of the remaining
chen introduced performance allowed here furtergehende control of the reactor, similar to
also through the creation of a further redundancy
would be possible. The residual energy from Wrmespeichetion of this principle and "heat even after the
Is the completion of the process "(" heat after death ")
yes there and is also available in an emergency
tion. For a stable system to be controllable
th shutdown possible, as if a
external power source would be realized.
[0075] Preferably, the Energieerzeugungsvordirection of modular design. Thereby, maintenance,
Stability and commissioning much more favorable
than in known systems.
[0076] Preferably, the thermoelectric total
generator does not in the reaction space itself, but
applied to its outside surface. There
are expected to substantially lower temperatures
ten, the only proper operation of semiconductor
expected ter-based thermoelectric generators
let th.
[0077] Currently, known thermocouples
even with all the latest development an efficiency
degree of about 10%. With the latest LENR + technology, the factors of energy supplied
are to delivered energy at 6 and more. Solar
with the output power can be purely from efnot ciency calculations by the thermoformed
use generators. Generate the thermal generators
However, sufficient energy to the corresponding
Electronics to control or regulate power to
[0078] LENR and LENR + are not "cold fu
sion "equated, but have further
Declaration principles on plasmon resonances
based; in particular find multibody dynamics
Processes between catalyzing Nucleon and re-

action partners instead, the involvement of the weak

presumed interaction surfaces of the core processes
let th.
[0079] The LENR + systems are preferably
conducted so that a controlled active environment
environment brings about, for example, by short-term heat
feed, thus triggering the reaction or prerides. Through selective pulse width modulation (PWM)
the process is activated and deactivated. It is achieved
waiting that the flanks of the pulse shape in the high-frequency
-frequency range resonances of the hydrogen system
system or an artificial atom formed, for example,
game from defects, and plasmons, encourage and
therefore favor the reaction. The system is then
adjusted so that the process dies of itself,
when no further excitation occurs.
[0080] Preferably, in the energy
gieerzeugungsvorrichtung a dry system,
based on the thermal generators mechanisms
men running for control.
[0081] In general, however, are in earlier patent
documents relating to the PONSSE FleischmannEffect relate called hydrogen isotopes to
also include deuterium and tritium. Under water
hydrogen isotope protium also falls - so the simple
surface hydrogen. However, it is widely known,
that the working after the Pons-Fleischmann principle
border devices with normal hydrogen from water
ser (protium) can not be operated.
[0082] In the preferred embodiment of the invention
tion, however, pure water obtained from water
hydrogen, ie with natural isotope mixture and
no increase in the mass number of hydrogen supply,
applies. This is much cheaper.
[0083] Embodiments of the invention
below with reference to the accompanying drawings
explained in more detail. In the drawings:
[0084] FIG. 1 is a schematic representation of a
A power generating apparatus comprising a cell for
Energy production, wherein the mechanical structure
the cell in a partially cut-away view
is shown;
[0085] FIG. 2 is a block diagram of the electrical
Construction of power generation device.
[0086] In the figures of the mechanical and the
electrical configuration of an embodiment of a enzyme

ergieerzeugungsvorrichtung 10 , the at least one

Cell 12 comprises power generation is shown.
Page 9
DE 10 2013 110 249 A1 03/19/2015
[0087] The power generating apparatus 12 is to
Production of heat energy through an exothermic
Reaction in the form of a LENR using a
metallgitter-assisted hydrogen process off
formed. The cell 12 has at least one reaction
onsbehlter 14 , into the reactive LENR material
in a reaction chamber 16 is included.
[0088] Further, a field generating means 18
provided that in the reaction space 16 a field
is generated to activate the LENR and / or maintained
to obtain.
[0089] In particular, the Felderzeugungseinrichdevice 18 for generating an electromagnetic
Field formed. In particular, can thus a
pulsed electromagnetic field within the
Reaction chamber 16 produce to as funis additionally known a LENR reaction and more
in particular to carry out a LENR + response.
[0090] Further, the cell 12 , a heat-transfer
generating device 20 for transferring heat in
the reaction chamber 16 or for dissipating heat
me from the reaction chamber 16 on. The Wrmebertransmitting device 20 comprises a pipe system 22 with
several, in the reaction chamber 16 and out
the reaction chamber 16 passing through tubes 24 on.
[0091] Further, the Energieerzeugungsvorrichdevice 10 , a control 26 on, the trained to
det, the field generating means 18 to the stability
tion to control the exothermic reaction or
to regulate. To this end, in or on the reaction
space 16 at least one operating parameter by means of
an operating parameter detection means 28 achieved
sums, wherein the controller 26 is adapted to
the control or regulation of the cell 12 in dependence
pendence out of the detected operating parameters
[0092] The operation parameter detection means
28 is adapted to a temperature in the reform
aktionsraum 16 to detect as to whether they within
half a predetermined temperature range, the

an operating temperature for the LENR or LENR +

indicates located. The operating temperature is above
a predetermined critical temperature value for
the LENR or LENR + and typically or
above about 500 K. The one Betriebstemperature indicating temperature range is that loading
area in which a LENR or LENR + without emission
harmful radiation and to produce heat
me (exothermic) expires.
[0093] To your own energy supply of the control
tion 26 is a thermoelectric generator 30 preseen, the heat energy from the reaction
space 16 into electrical energy and thus
with the control 26 energized. An
from the thermoelectric generator 30 supplied
Voltage can be used as a measure of the temperature in
the reaction chamber 16 use. If the voltage
voltage above a predetermined value, can
to indicate that the temperature in the
Reaction chamber 16 a predetermined Betriebstemtemperature for the LENR or LENR is +.
[0094] The controller 26 and the thermoelectric
Generator 30 are configured such that the control
tion 26 the field generating means 18 only
in such a way that can be triggered ert that this the activating or
maintaining field generated when the thermoelectrical generator 30 supplies a voltage, which
indicating that the reaction chamber 16 on loading
operating temperature is.
[0095] In FIG. 1 is only a single cell unit
32 of the cell 12 shown. For capacities greater
than 100 W, the power generating device
10 of several smaller unit cells 32 gebilbe used. Preferably, at least five currently
like cell units 32 are provided. Preferably
is at least one of the unit cells 32 permanent heated. In any event, above 1 kW should the
Construction of several smaller unit cells
32 are elected.
[0096] Next, the structure is a single
NEN cell unit 32 described.
[0097] The structure of the cell 12 is based on a cycle
cylinder construction 34 , and the reaction process
the electronic control logic - Control 26 - existing
tains. The cylinder design contains tubes 24 .
[0098] In one embodiment, the tubes are 24

Removing than copper tubes with Zirkoniumschaumoberflche

[0099] The tubes 24 are used for passing a cooling
fluids 36 and also serve as an electrode 38 of the
Field generator 18 for generating a
electromagnetic field and the electromagnetic
rule excitation.
[0100] The cylindrical structure 34 includes a the
Reaction chamber 16 surrounding shell 40 on.
The casing 40 forms part of a response to the
space 16 enclosing housing 42 . For the fiscal
housing 42 are infrared-to-electricity conversion
foils 48 arranged, the part of the thermoelectric
Generator 30 are. The cell 12 is thus by
the infrared-to-electricity conversion films 48 unsupported in order to create a stand-alone operation.
[0101] The reference to the Fig. 1 illustrated as previously
mechanical structure of the cell 12 is only two
by way specified.
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DE 10 2013 110 249 A1 03/19/2015
[0102] The structure may anneh- any other form
men, of a suitable arrangement for providing
the reaction process offers. The reacprocess based on nano-scale and electromagnetic
matic response including an interference
pattern; therefore, a different macroscopic
Structure as the sitter possible.
[0103] As LENR material or LENR + material
can any one LENR process or LENR + -Proherangezo- process inducing reaction material
are conditions. Such reactions are a
Metal grid support. Hydrogen to the metal
tallgitter bound and an electromagnetic
Resonance subject. It can be a high thermal
generate energy mix, as described in principle
is known.
[0104] In addition, here is a wire mesh a lattice
ter of nickel in the form of nano powder with a
special coating proposed. The shown
presented with a cell structure can NickellegierungHydrogen system can be operated, but also a
Palladium-deuterium system works when a
Coating is adjusted. It is also known,

that other grid suitable reactions for H or

Provide D, such as titanium or tungsten.
[0105] The cell 12 requires one and only one
Hydrogen-charging process prior to operation. While
the charging of the hydrogen is ionized and exits as
Hydronium into the metal lattice. After loading
the can of the operation of the cell over several months
done consistently.
[0106] The main reaction is the well-known
LENR process provided. For this process to
obtained, the reaction has to be stimulated. The
Applying a high voltage between the
individual tubes 24 and the outer housing
42 generates a high electromagnetic field strength
and causes local discharges. This is accomplished by
a pulse width modulation performed.
[0107] The tubes 24 are in a foam 44 single
embedded, specially designed particles - nanoparticles
Article - made of nickel and other ingredients
- Coating of PF68, prepared as described in [2] described
written, and zirconium - contains. This foam
with nanoparticles is the LENR material 45 , with
which the reaction chamber 16 is filled.
[0108] In these nanoparticles are designed so
the wells by a well-known from [3] Process
[0109] The discharge excites the hydrogen nuclei,
which occurred in the locations of the Schaumkavitten
[0110] The subject positions of the hydrogen nuclei
In this configuration, a high electromagnetic
rule stress or load and can thus
different companies exothermic reaction channels
run, as determined by the LENR- technology
is attributed, in turn, described below
being played:
Are by the transitional character of the discharge
all frequencies, the hydrogen in the lattice close
can excite the cavity reached. Specifically, the egg
natural frequencies below the lowest orbital (sublow orbit own frequencies) are for the combination
on two hydrogen nuclei and the exothermic
Process responsible. These natural frequencies are
continued to rely on the Stefan-Boltzmann law
Having regard to the radiation of a black body,
the Gamow-frequency optical resonance

is the particle size. To achieve this goal,

should Schaumkavittgre of 7 nm in Schaumerzeugungsverfahren be created, but can
nen functioning also different Kavittsgren
. The result of the reaction is a deuterium
Core, the electromagnetically coupled from a
State of the two hydrogen protons near the
Excel- wall of the coated nickel nanopowder
about. Other processes towards He4 contact with prehandensein on zirconium. Achieved the EM excitation
testifies EM waves at the surface Nanopulverparcles. Along the wall boundary layer adheres the hydronium of chemical bond forces. To the
Vacancies in the lattice matrix formed by the foam
prozessingredenzien be generated electron pair
electrons of a hydrogen-vacancy pair in
the grid and generate quasi-atoms (quantum
points). At this point the hydronium is polarized
Siert and can be coupled to the neighboring hydronium,
a kind of form "quasi-deuterium". This binding
tion state has a lower energy than derjeNige for the unladen grid and the free water
gen. This energy is caused by a mechanical
transfer rule multibody process on the grid.
The multi-body process is based on electromagnetic
rule (EM) forces and Phononentransfer.
[0111] FIG. 1 shows a mechanical design of the
Cell 12 and the cooling flow tubes. There are several tubes implemented. The tubes 24 are finished with a
ner customized special macroscopic form
of a foam coated, to a closed Sektion the cylindrical structure 34 to fit. Depending onfrom that to which different tubes 24 chipboard
voltage is applied, different discharge
tion sections are activated.
[0112] In FIG. 1, the controller 26 by connections
se a thermal coupling 46 indicated. The energy
gieerzeugungsvorrichtung 10 and the cell 12 is
temperature-controlled - thermal coupling - and the
Power demand is inherently defined by
the outer heat demand - flow rate or
Page 11
DE 10 2013 110 249 A1 03/19/2015
Flow velocity, flow capacity. Egg

ne requirement for a higher thermal loading

tion is displayed and monitored by a low
gere temperature at a location of a Khlfluidstrtion source to the pipe system 22 - in particular
at an inlet of at least one tube 24 .
[0113] For this reason, the construction
regardless of pump systems for the Khlfluid be designed. A pump system - not shown
asked - is assumed as an external unit. Data
can by one and the same construction, a
maximum number generated by applications.
[0114] Each of eg copper-finished pipe 24 is
electrically isolated. In the following, with reference
acquisition on Fig. 2 in more detail the electrical construction
[0115] FIG. 2 shows a block diagram of an exemplary
ing form of electrical construction. From electrically conductive material - such as copper - gebildete tubes 24 are indicated by circles, the thermoelectric generator 30 with the infrared-to-electron
Elektrizitts films 48 by the also in Fig. 1 verwendete form.
[0116] The infrared-to-electricity converter foil 48
supplies the control 26 forming digital control
erlogik 49 and a unit 50 for pulse width modulation
tion and for a voltage conversion alone with energy. The thermocouple 46 forms a temperature
ture sensor for Betriebsparametererfassungseindevice 28 for detecting a temperature as loading
operating parameters.
[0117] The power generating device 10 and
the cell 12 can be used for power of a few watts
be provided up to the megawatt range,
depending on the pulse width modulation for the production
process and the heat exchange.
[0118] The heat transfer device 20 with
Heat exchangers is off of their construction ago
pendent of the external loads, with the power
tion to be supplied. In accordance with the requirements
changes are diameters of the tubes 24 and
the flow rate set. The construction and
their sizing - Sizing - can
based on common rules for the construction
are obtained by scaling of heat exchangers
[0119] The Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 show the folienfr-

shaped thermoelectric converter - thermoelectric

tric generator 30 - in the form of infrared-toElectricity films 48 , accounting for about 5% power
has been transformed by the process heat, in
convert electrical energy. The interpretation of the
Heat flow is such that 5 % in the infrared
to-electricity film 48 is absorbed. The remainBende part is in the cooling fluid 36 absorbed.
[0120] If the cooling fluid 36 no thermal performance
tion delivers the idle temperature of the refrigerator is
fluids maintained, and excess heat is
on the housing 42 removed.
[0121] In operation can in the air or atmosphere
NEN on the housing 42 - not shown - additional
che ribs or Oberflchenvergrerungseinrichtions are provided to heat in the blanks
overflow is produced without heat capacity of the cooling fluid,
abzutrans- by radiation and convection
porting. For operation under vacuum, the top is
surface of the housing 42 magnification by ribs so
ert that all heat by thermal radiation
ment is removed, or there will be a (additional
Ches) heat pipe system (not shown) installed
moieties, when a larger amount of heat from the wall
the housing 42 has to be removed.
[0122] The following explains how the cell
12 is prepare before operation. The reaction
onsbehlter 14 - formed by the housing 42 is after it has been filled with LENR material
is, over a longer period - eg two weeks
Chen or more - EVA by a vacuum pump
kuiert. This process, by appropriate measures
be optimized took such pulses off or warm
men during charging. Under "vacuum pump"
are therefore all the mechanisms for evacuation
tion included, and advanced methods
ren evacuation, such as Radiofrequenzsignale, by the cell 12 during the Ladeprozesses are transmitted. After - depending on the
Evacuation technology - the reaction chamber 16 on one
suitable con- pressure has been evacuated, the
Reaction chamber 16 - that is, the reaction vessel 14 ,
formed by the housing 42 - and thus the inner part of the cylindrical structure 34 , the LENR- the
Contains material charged with hydrogen. Paris more hydrogen to ambient pressure in

the cylindrical structure 34 is filled. A measurement

loading can be achieved by digital Steuerungslologic - Control 26 - are carried out. For example,
a measurement of the load by measuring the WiDERS tandes between the pipes 24 done. Egg
ne higher hydrogen loading reduces the electrical resistance. For this purpose, before the operation, the
Calibration certificate resistance measurement.
[0123] To start the process, the reaction is
tion space 16 by heated cooling fluid 36 on loading
operating temperature brought; the heat delivers
the thermoelectric generator 30 electrical energy for the control 26 , the the EM field and the
Discharge via PWM starts, so the LENR + to
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DE 10 2013 110 249 A1 03/19/2015
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Unit for PWM and power conversion
Temperature sensor
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Page 14
DE 10 2013 110 249 A1 03/19/2015
1. A power generating apparatus ( 10 ) for generating
supply of thermal energy through an exothermic reaction in the form of a LENR by using a metallgitteruntersttzten hydrogen process, comprehensive
a reaction vessel ( 14 ) having a reactive
LENR material ( 45 ) for performing the exothermic
volume containing reaction chamber (reaction 16 ),
a field generating means ( 18 ) for generating
a field in the reaction chamber ( 16 ) for activating
ren and / or maintaining the exothermic reactions
action, a heat transfer device ( 20 ) for
Transfer of heat into and / or from the
Reaction chamber ( 16 ),
one operating parameter detecting means ( 28 )
for detecting at least one operating parameter
in the reaction chamber ( 16 ), and
a controller ( 26 ) which is adapted to the
Field generating means ( 18 ) and / or the heat
mebertragungseinrichtung ( 20 ) as a function of
with the detected operating parameters to stabilize
the exothermic reaction to control or regulate.
2. A power generating apparatus ( 10 ) according to arrival
claim 1, characterized in that the Board of
operating parameters detection device ( 28 ) for detection
a temperature measurement in the reaction chamber ( 16 )
is formed as an operating parameter and / or with an
NEM temperature sensor ( 52 ) for detecting the temperature
temperature in the reaction chamber ( 16 is provided).
3. A power generating apparatus ( 10 ) after a
NEM of the preceding claims, characterized total
indicates that the sole energy supply
supply of the controller ( 26 ), a thermoelectric total
generator ( 30 ) which is adapted to heat energy

from the reaction chamber ( 16 ) into electrical energy

converting, at the control system ( 26 attached)
and / or that the controller ( 26 ) by means of the heat
me of the reaction chamber ( 16 is operated).
4. A power generating apparatus ( 10 ) according to arrival
claim 3, characterized in that the control
tion ( 26 ) is adapted to the electrical energy
energy of the thermoelectric generator ( 30 ) as recontrolled variable regulated.
5. A power generating apparatus ( 10 ) according to one
of the preceding claims, charactercharacterized, in that the field generating means ( 18 )
is adapted to an electromagnetic field
to stimulate and maintain the LENR in
the reaction chamber ( 16 ) to produce.
6. A power generating apparatus ( 10 ) according to one
of the preceding claims, charactercharacterized, that the controller ( 26 ) embodied in such a way
det is that the field generating means ( 18 ) no
the reaction generating or sustaining
Field generated when the temperature in the reaction
tation room ( 16 ) is not above a predetermined critical
matic temperature or in a predetermined
th operating temperature range.
7. A power generating apparatus ( 10 ) according to one
of the preceding claims, characterrecords, that the LENR material ( 45 ) is a LENR + Material, the fuel material with a specially
formed micro- and / or nano-particles to the channel
catalyze a reaction or in a LENR
+ Process contains and / or that the reaction chamber
( 16 ) LENR with dry material ( 45 ) containing microcround / or nanoparticles and hydrogen is filled.
8. A power generating apparatus ( 10 ) according to arrival
claim 7, characterized in that the LENR
+ Material micro- and / or nano-particles from a
Comprises metal which is selected from a group
PE, Ni, Pd, Ti and W, which microand / or nanoparticles with a polymer coating
tion or poloxamer coating and by
Radiation or ion track method produced capital
activities are provided.
9. energy generating means ( 10 ) according to one
of the preceding claims, characterdistinguished,
that the heat transfer means ( 20 ) a

Pipe system ( 22 ) for carrying away heat

me from the reaction chamber ( 16 ) by means of a heat
metransportfluids, in that the heat-transfer
generating device ( 20 ) is adapted by
the heat transfer fluid to the reaction chamber ( 16 )
to an operating temperature for the LENR process
that a thermally conductive housing ( 42 ) the reaction
tation room ( 16 ) and in these protruding pipes ( 24 ) of the
Pipe system ( 22 ) includes
that a thermoelectric layer to the housing
SE ( 42 ) or the housing ( 42 arranged) around
and is formed to provide electrical energy from
To generate heat when the exothermic reaction
is in operation,
and that the controller ( 26 ) through the thermoelectric
cal layer is supplied with energy to achieve at
a predetermined operating temperature, the Felder
generating device ( 18 ) to initiate and / or
Anzusteu- maintaining the exothermic function
10. energy generating means ( 10 ) after a
NEM of the preceding claims, characterized total
indicates that conduits or pipes ( 24 ) of the
Heat transfer device at the same time as electrical
the ( 38 ) or poles of the field generating means
( 18 ) are formed.
Page 15
DE 10 2013 110 249 A1 03/19/2015
11. Energy generation method for generating
of thermal energy through an exothermic reaction in
Form a LENR by using a metal lattice
supported hydrogen process comprising:
a) charging a reaction chamber ( 16 ) with LENR mamaterial ( 45 ), including micro- and / or nanoparticles
angle to provide a metal grid and water
b) warming of the reaction chamber ( 16 ) to a loading
operating temperature for a LENR above for LENR
critical temperature,
c) generating a field to activate and up
maintained the exothermic reaction by one
ner by a controller ( 26 controlled) Felder
generating means ( 18 ) in response to a

Temperature in the reaction chamber ( 16 );

d) thermoelectric converting heat of
Reaction chamber ( 16 ) into electrical energy to hide
Finally umgewandel- with this thermoelectrically
th electric power control ( 26 to operate)
ben or to supply and
e) removing the replaced by the exothermic reaction
testified excess heat to Wrmeenergienuttion.
12, power generation method according to claim
wherein steps c) and d) include:
Driving the field-generating means ( 18 ) for
Generate the field only in the case where a
Energy parameters, in particular a voltage
or current, the delivered in step d)
th electrical energy above a predetermined
Threshold value and stop generating the fields
of when the energy parameters under a precertain threshold.
Here is a page drawings
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