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Moodys rating provide rating for different industries and countries which can
be used to check the profitabilty and stability of the banks in the countries.
2. There is another index named as fragile state index
3. Dividend behavior in developed, and frontier markets on the lines of a
century of capital structure in capital Amerrica
4. Do rajan and zingales factors hold in frontier markets
5. Country overall monetary policies like tax, interest rates and their impact on
the capital structure of organization
6. I want to test that in bad condition weather all the types of companies suffer
the same kind of downfall or there are some sectors which does not have the
downfall?? and when the good news came what happen
a. Will the companies who suffer the downfall in the bad time rise or all?
b. What is the if all fall did all rise also in the better time???
c. What are the factors determines their behavior?
7. State of completion in frontier vs emerging banks, see the concentration ratio
of banking industry in each year and compare and contrast them with
emerging banks and developed banks and make conclusions that how
competition can be increased to make their environment competitive and
decrease monopoly. (Farooq, A.M. (2003). Structure and Performance of Commercial Banks in
Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan, Munich Personal RePEc Archive Paper No. 4983)