Virginia Courts Case Information

Virginia Courts Case Information
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Arlington County General District (Prepayable)
Case Details Case Number: GC07002771-00 File Date: 07/24/07 Complainant: O'DANIEL, J Defendant Status: Released on Summons Locality: COMMONWEALTH OF VA Defense Attorney: SANDRA HUGHES

Defendant: SEJAS, JHANNET City/State Address: ANNANDALE VA 22003 Sex: Female AKA1: Charge: UNLAW RECORD OF MOTN PICTURE Amended Charge: Offense Date: 07/17/07 Code Section: 18.2-187.2 Amended Code: Race: White Caucasian (Non-Hispanic)

DOB: 07/17/**** AKA2: Case Type: Misdemeanor Amended Case Type: Arrest Date: Hearings Class: Class 1

Number 01 02 03

Date 07/25/07 08/16/07 08/26/08

Time 1000AM 1000AM 0200PM

Result Continued Continued

Type Arraignment Motion Disposition

Courtroom 3A 3A DHC

Plea Guilty

Min 000 000 000

Continuance Code Deferred Disposition

Final Disposition: Sentence: Fine: $.00 Fine/Costs Due: 08/26/08 Probation Type: Fine/Costs Paid: Yes Probation Time: Sentence Suspension Time: Operator License Suspension Time: Cost: $71.00 Fine/Costs Paid Date: 08/16/07 Probation Starts:

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8/21/07 2:08 PM

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