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Rebecca Cater

600 Dixie Drive, Apt. 1114

Tallahassee, FL 32304


Account Executive Intern-- Zimmerman Agency, Tallahassee, FL

Marketing Coordinator -- FSUs DIGITECH Showcase, Tallahassee, FL

2014 from 2015

Operated 3D printers designed, operated and explained the use of 3D printing and Stacking Layers
Helped PIC host a 3D Printer Symposium for manufacturers, designers, specialists and techies
Used various design tools and databases to create marketing deliverables
Managed audio equipment for presentations; photographed presenters, guests and exhibitors;
Provided even support by networking with exhibitors and guests, by helping at registration desk;
Created informational binders with presenter biographies, company backgrounds and schedule of events.
Promoted events by presenting to various classes
Responsible for event photography and marketing materials as needed

Project Director and Graphic Designer -- Oglesby Union Marketing, Tallahassee, FL


Managed office including mail distribution, sourcing office supplies, and document distribution
Represented PIC to guests, distinguished faculty and students
Helped with new hires including screening candidates
Coordinated both Stacking Layers and Digitech events
Promoted PIC at various technology-related conferences and communication job fairs in Tallahassee
Assisted with event booth set-up and tear down

Marketing Assistant -- Stacking Layers 3D Printing Symposium, Tallahassee, FL


Responsible for marketing and promoting Digitech, an annual showcase of technology-based student innovations
Designed all event materials including logos, flyers, t-shirts, event programs, name tags and table placards
Innovated and marketed Digidog (using a real dog in the community) to help market and promote this event
Gave presentations to highlight mission, former exhibitors and presenters
At the event, monitored general flow of guests, and assisted special needs guests as needed
Represented Digitech to volunteers, exhibitors and attendees to help ensure event success
Photographed promotional events and the main event; posted photos on official Digitech/PIC Facebook page.
Used 3D printer to print promotional items and provide information and a demonstration
Am currently working to continue to increase participation and to develop a social media presence
Helped generate a 25% increase in participation at Digitech between 2013 and 2014

Administrative Assistant -- Program in Interdisciplinary Computing (PIC), Tallahassee, FL


Independently researched Oyster Books, their products & market competitors

Currently evaluating market analysis information including clients customer base, finances and product base, market
segmentation, alternative marketing strategies, and short- and long-term projections
Monitored clients social media presence for client on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

2013 from 2014

Directed the creation of banners, yard signs and web graphics for Seminole Sensation Week
Edited copy for designated assignments
Coordinated final designs with clients

B.A., Media Communication Studies, Minor in French, Florida State University, Summer 2015
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Google Applications. HTML and CSS in
Komodo, Adobe Dreamweaver and Twitter Bootstrap. Photography; 3D Printing Software (familiar with Makerbot and Lulzbot);
competent on both Mac and PC platforms