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Questions Focus Group

1. What genre would you say my magazine belongs to?

2. Why?
3. Do you think that the colour scheme relates to the genre of the
4. Can you see a link between my cover, contents page and
double page spread?
5. Who would you say the target audience for this magazine is?
(Age, Ethnicity, Lifestyle and Social Class)
6. Do you think the story on the double page spread is interesting
and relevant to the genre?
7. Would you buy this magazine if you were interested in that
genre of music?
8. What was the first thing, if anything, which caught your eye on
the cover?
9. Do you think the structure and layout of the contents page is
clear in relation to article page numbers?
Do you think the artists named and shown seem as
though they would be popular within the genre?
How would you describe any themes that you can
identify throughout the cover, contents page and double page

Are the font styles and sizes I used easy to read?

Do you think the language and address I have used in my
magazine is suitable for the genre and target audience?
Do you think the magazine name is relevant to the