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Power System Engineering

Spring 2015
Assignment No. 1
Due Date: 12/03/2015

Problem No. 1
A single phase two winding transformer is rated 25 kVA, 1100/440 volts, 50 Hz. The equivalent leakage
impedance of the transformer referred to the low voltage side is
. Using transformer rating as
base values, determine the per-unit leakage impedance referred to low voltage winding and referred to
high voltage winding. Comment on the results obtained.

Problem No. 2
Figure 1 shows single line diagram of a power system. The ratings of the generator and transformer are
given below:
Generator 1:
Generator 2:
Generator 3:
Transformer 1:
Transformer 2:
Transformer 3:

25 MVA,
6.6 kV,
Xg1 = 0.20 pu
15 MVA,
6.6 kV,
Xg2 = 0.15 pu
30 MVA,
13.2 kV,
Xg3 = 0.15 pu
30 MVA,
6.6 / 115 Y kV,
X= 10%
15 MVA
6.6 / 115 Y kV,
X = 10%
Single-phase unit each rated 10 MVA, 6.9 / 69 kV

X = 0.1 pu

Draw per unit circuit diagram using base values of 30 MVA and 6.6 kV in the circuit of generator-1

Figure 1

Problem No. 3
A three phase, star connected synchronous generator generates 7250 V per phase and supplies 1000 kW at
a power factor of 0.85 lagging to a load through a step down transformer bank consisting of three ideal
single phase transformers of each rated 500 MVA. The transformer bank has turns ratio 40 : 1 where the
h.v. side is connected in delta while l.v. side is star connected.


Calculate the value of line voltage at the load.

Calculate the phase voltage at the primary and secondary side of transformer bank.
Calculate currents in
a) Generator windings
b) Transformer primary windings
c) Transformer secondary windings
What will be the maximum power output of the transformer for unity power factor?

Problem No. 4
A 100 MVA, 33 kV, three phase generator has a reactance of 15%. The generator is connected to the
motors through a transmission line and transformer as shown in figure 2. Transformer rating is 110 MVA,
32 / 110 Y kV having per unit impedance of 0.08. Motors have rated inputs of 40 MVA, 30 MVA and
20 MVA at 30 kV with 20% reactance each. Transformer and transmission line parameters are:
Transformer 1:
Transformer 2:

110 MVA,
110 MVA,

32 / 110 Y kV,
110 Y / 32 kV,

X= 0.08 pu
X = 0.08 pu

Figure 2
Draw the per unit circuit diagram.

Problem No. 5
A 400 MVA, 240/24 kV, three phase Y- transformer has an equivalent series impedance of 1.2 + j6 ohm
per phase referred to the high voltage side. The transformer is supplying a three phase load of 400 MVA,
0.8 power factor lagging at a terminal voltage of 24 kV line to line on its low voltage side. The primary is
supplied from a feeder with an impedance of 0.6 + j 1.2 ohm per phase. Determine the line to line voltage
at the high voltage terminals of the transformer and the sending end of the feeder.