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To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write a recommendation for Jessica Hector, a professional educator at Southeast

Webster-Grand CSD. Mrs. Hector is in her sixth year as a teacher in our school district. In my
first year as the SWG Superintendent, Ive been impressed with Jessicas leadership qualities and
willingness to serve on many building, district, and school-community committees.
Mrs. Hector is a very dedicated and hard-working teacher in our school district. She has many
outstanding qualities as an educator and elementary/middle school teacher; including having a
very caring and student-centered approach that works well with young children and students with
diverse needs. In our first year, the MS Principal and I have observed her demonstrating those
qualities and more with students in our middle school. Jessica has an excellent work ethic, is
confident, very organized, and at all times has well-designed lesson objectives and learning
Jessica demonstrates excellent character in the workplace and as a high school coach, as well as
out in the community. In stating this, she also understands the importance of making personal
connections with not only her students, but with each of her parents and families. She is very
committed to the development of the whole student and takes a genuine interest in each student,
differentiating instruction as needed, while doing her best to bring out the best qualities and
unique talents in each of her students.
Jessica has outstanding content knowledge, is very efficient with her delivery of lessons, and she
has a great understanding of what high quality instruction entails and looks/feels like. She also
realized early-on the importance of incorporating the Iowa Core standards and essential skills, as
well as evidence-based strategies and authentic assessments.
As we think about life-long learning and leadership qualities, Mrs. Hector is working diligently
to obtain her Masters Degree in Administration. She is on several committees, including the
following: School Improvement Advisory Committee, SWG Education Association Committee,
Facilities Sub-Committee, Little Jaguars Committee and our TAG Identification Committee.
In conclusion, Jessica has demonstrated that she has the necessary attributes to assume
administrative responsibilities at any level. I highly recommend Mrs. Hector for any teaching or
leadership position that your school may have available to her.
Please feel free to contact me for further information and specifics at anytime. I may be reached
at 515.359.2234 or on my cell: (712) 210.4600. Thanks!
Rich Stoffers
Southeast Webster-Grand CSD Supt. of Schools