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My magazines target audience is
both boys and girls aged 14-19,
they will likely be white and
middle class.
This audience profile I created
detailed an ideal reader of my text.

It details parts of her life that will be important when making my

magazine and which will likely be relatable to many other
people her age who listen to rock.
Many of the statements effect the content and look I gave to my
Also most of this lifestyle and her interests can span between
both sexes. So if included I can successfully appeal to both.

In the rock genre there is often a lot less
female representation and male artists
dominate text and images. Therefore I
ensured there was more representation of girl
artists so that female rock fans knew this new
music media was targeted towards them.

For example when rock magazine is

searched on Google only one cover features
female musicians. Plus the magazine is
from the metal sub-genre and is a lesser
known media text. All of which is incentive
to feature many girls in Fret.

Importantly is that the featured artist on

the cover and double page spread is
This gives representation where there
often in none.
Then on the double page spread I
included two more artists. And a
photographer for Fret magazine, which
links to my subject for the audience
profile and hopefully many other peoples

when deciding my colour

scheme I was aware that
black, white and red were
most recognisably in the
rock genre. However I
decided to add the accent
colour of light blue, partly
as it links to the band
name lost at sea, but
also because it is
conotively more feminine.
Hopefully appealing to

For my magazine I still wanted to be accessible
to a male reader and fan of rock music. Most
importantly therefore I included a male
musician on the contents page.
Also there is representation stylistically
through connotation throughout the issue.
For example the main colour scheme includes
black and red, which are commonly seen as
masculine colours.
Then all of the article topics on the cover and
contents are very gender neutral, all
specifically music and news based.
Finally in the giveaway for merchandise that is
advertised on the cover shows articles of
clothing that can be worn by anyone. Both tshirt and beanie being simple, black designs.

For the main featured article text I chose to use a free flow format. This
allowed me to create a more detailed interview and story for the reader. As
my target audience was the age 14-19 I knew that they would be able to
understand a more complex lexis. Also because many rock fans appreciate
many sub-genres and classic artists, it was important to make reference to
these and create more interest in the band lost at sea. For example; With
classic 60s punk sensibility but a little more of an American Indi pop punk
vibe, gives an idea of the music style and what someone new to the band
can expect to hear, promoting them. Also with this I was able to add slang
and colloquial terms to the piece making it feel more laid back and
entertaining. Such as; get the lowdown on her future with music and really
started to make waves (pun intended). Finally the free flow format lets the
writer add choice quotes rather than everything the interviewee says.
I was inspired by articles I read in KERRANG! Who write many pieces in this
format. Enabling back ground on the musician and writing intellectually for
their fan base.

On the cover I advertised
the opportunity in a puff. I
created a t-shirt and beanie
hat with logos of bands.
One of which is featured in
a cover line (mustache
cash stash, MCS). This
type of band merchandise
should be valued among
readers based of of the
preliminary research and
target audience.

As this was the first issue of Fret magazine I

decided I wanted to do a give-away
opportunity for the readers. This meant
there was further direct dress of them and
created more of a link between the
magazine, the musicians and and the fans.

The way in which a reader could win was through tweeting the company Fret
@fretmag and telling us why they love their favorite band. I chose this because it
would create a contact with the company and popularity on the social media,
twitter. And from research I know that social media is an important tool for media
companies in order to directly address an teen audience like my own.

An important way to address and audience such as
mine is through social media. Therefore I advertised
where you could find Fret through four different
websites. Importantly was the adding of Spotify,
which is used for listening and sharing music and
music playlists. This is a perfect medium for a new
music magazine, but the other three allow for the
sharing and communicative aspect. They all allow the
company to speak to readers directly. Also many
musicians used such sites to do the same so this is a
new platform to create a community of both music
makers and listeners.
From the focus group and initial research I know that
social media and technology is important to 14-19
year olds. So I made sure to incorporate it into the
media text.