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Bharathidasan Institute of Technology Campus

Anna University
Department of Automobile Engineering
ME2353 Finite Element Analysis
Assignment I
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1. The following differential equation is available for a physical phenomenon



The boundary conditions are u (1) = 2 and x



Find the approximate solution for differential equation by following methods


Galerkins method
Least square method
Subdomain method
Collocation method

Assume four term approximate solution.

2. Solve the system of following equations using Gauss Elimination method.
28r1+6r2 = 1
6r1+24r2+6r3 = 0
6r2+28r3+8r4 = -1
8r3+16r4 = 10
3. Consider the differential equation

+ 400 x2 = 0 for 0 X 1 subject to boundary

conditions y(0) = 0; y91) = 0. The function corresponding to this problem, to be

extremized is given by

Find the solution of the problem using Rayleigh Ritz method by considering a
two term solution as y(x) = C1x (1-x) + C2x2 (1-x).
4. General procedure for FEA.
5. Explain with neat sketch about Discretization.