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In order to complete the EDP and for our school to follow the rules of the
State of Michigan, please follow the directions carefully.
If you have previously created an EDP, then you are revising each of the pages in this packet
and adding the junior requirements OR you are creating an EDP from scratch. Either way, each
page must be completed and updated in order to receive credit for this.

1. Go to
2. Type in your username and password
Username: williamston
Password: hornets
3. Click on Log In


If you have an EDP, this is what should show up. Click on the arrow button near your
name and My EDP.
*If you dont have an EDP, click the down arrow under Login. Then find the blue link
that says Create My EDP. After you fill in the information, your screen should look
like the screen below.

2. It should look like this when you click on the arrow.


Click on My Assessments under the drop down section under My EDP

Under that click on Matchmaker & My Skills under My Assessments on the left
Press the trash bin link to delete any old Matchmaker sessions.
Your page should then look like this.
The click on Start New Matchmaker session on the right hand side.

6. Fill in your name and then Start Now

1. Your screen should look something like this when you are doing answering the
2. Then from the long list, click on a career you are interested in. *If no career from the list
interests you, click on the Careers link toward the upper center and search for a career.

3. Once a career comes up, read from each link on the left hand side about that career and
save the career to your EDP.


- In order to do this, click on Assessments near upper left corner
- Then click on View All Matches near bottom right corner
- Click on a 2nd career youre interested in

2. Click on the arrow near My EDP in upper right.

3. Click on My Education.
4. It should look something like this below.

1. Click on My Saved Schools link. Then you can Explore Schools with link on right.
2. Once you have found a school youre interested in, complete the college sheet with
information you found about that school.
3. Make sure to click on Save to My EDP.
4. Click on Search for Schools & Majors and do the same thing for a second school.

5. Click on the arrow near My EDP in upper right.

6. Click on My Education Plan

7. It should look something like this below.

1. Under your grade add or edit your 11th grade classes. You can do this by Add Course or
by deleting a course. When adding a course, it should look like this below.

2. If the course is listed, click on the blue link and then Select Course.
3. If your course isnt listed for that subject, click on the Add Your Own Course and input
the information.
4. * Note that most classes are listed as one semester ( credit), so even though it says
English 11 A&B, you must enter it TWICE
5. After you have entered each class, click on Select Course this saves it

6. Fill in your schedule for the whole year

7. Then go back and enter your grade for next year and input the potential classes you are
taking. Follow the same format for semester classes as above.

1. Click on the down arrow under My EDP and go to My Activities and Experiences.

2. You must add to your Skills and Abilities link located near right.
3. Fill in any information and click the blue Save box.
4. Fill in any other areas you can (Extracurricular, Hobbies, Awards, etc.)from the list on
the left. Do the same as you did for Skills and Abilities.

1. Click on down arrow under My EDP. Skip My Journals and My Careers.

2. You are welcome to click on My Scholarships and Financial Aid and peruse whats
available for you. This is OPTIONAL.
3. Click on down arrow under My EDP and then click on My Goals and Plans, then
complete AT LEAST CAREER & LIFE GOALS by clicking on the blue-titled link

4. Delete your old goals, if any, by pressing the X button on the right hand side.

5. Type in 1 short term (in high school) SMART career goal, 1 short term SMART school
goal, and 1 short term SMART personal goal. Label which type of goal is which. You
should have 3 SMART goals under Short Term Goals.
6. Type in 1 long term (after high school) SMART career, 1 long term SMART school goal,
and 1 long term SMART personal goal.
Label which type of goal is which. You should have 3 SMART goals under Long Term
7. Click on Save.

1. Click on the Print My EDP link near the upper left side
2. Click on blue Print Report box on right


3. Then press File and then Print

4. The last page of the printed EDP needs to be signed BY YOU AND YOUR PARENT
OR GUARDIAN under the signature section