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The Application-Access File

SAP HANA XS enables you to define access to each individual application package that you want to develop and deploy.
The application-access file enables you to specify who or what is authorized to access the content exposed by aSAP HANA XS application
package and what content they are allowed to see. For example, you use the application-access file to specify if authentication is to be used to
check access to package content and if rewrite rules are in place that hide or expose target and source URLs.
The application-access file does not have a name; it only has the file extension .xsaccess. The content of the.xsaccess file is formatted
according to JSON rules, and the settings specified in an .xsaccess file apply not only to the package the .xsaccess file belongs to but also
any subpackages lower in the package hierarchy. Multiple .xsaccess files are allowed, but only at different levels in the package hierarchy. You
cannot place two.xsaccess files in the same package.