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Mrs. Katie Moser

Welcome to Geometry Enhancement! This class is designed to help you in

Geometry and counts as an elective credit towards meeting graduation
requirements. Whether it be additional instruction, extra practice, or help with
organization and time management, I will do my best to help you find success in
your regular math class. I will be working closely with your classroom teacher
throughout the year to ensure that we can provide the best learning environment
for you. Please come with an open mind that is eager to learn. Dont be afraid to
ask questions, help one another, and take risks.
General Rules and Expectations
Have RESPECT for yourself, for others, and for the classroom.

Do your best and dont be afraid to ask questions!

Be in the classroom and ready to work when the bell rings.

Get out the necessary materials and begin the warm up activity. Failure to do
so will result in a tardy and loss of daily points.

You must be in class to be successful. This is true for your regular math class, as
well as support classes. Because all work will be completed in class, you need to
be here.
If you miss a day of class, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed at an
appropriate time. The best time to pick up the notes and other material is at lunch
or before/after school. All material (lessons, notes, etc.) will also be posted on my
website. By communicating with me and coming in to get missing work, you may
earn the daily points for that given day. Unexcused absences will result in a loss of
all points allotted for the day that was missed.
If you are going to be gone for vacation, extracurricular activity, or another
planned absence, please get your work BEFORE you leave.
Hall passes will be limiteduse passing time wisely. You will be given three passes
per quarter (MTF), so use them wisely. Do not ask to leave during the first and last
15 minutes of class. Sign in and out when leaving/entering the classroom.
Use of Electronics
Headphones and individual music are not allowed in class, except during
independent work time. If they are out during warm ups, notes, and lessons, they
will be confiscated. Cell phones are not allowed.

Academic Dishonesty
Per the student handbook, plagiarism is a serious offense and will be treated as
First offense: Automatic zero, call home, and a discipline referral
Second offense: Automatic F for the semester and a withdrawal from the

Food and Drink

Healthy snacks and beverages are allowed in the classroom as long as you are not
disturbing those around you and you clean up after yourself. Drinks must have a li
(no cans).

Required Materials:
Please make sure you bring the following materials to class daily. You will also
have a folder in the classroom to store notes, if necessary.
Math Textbook
Pencils and a Pen
Spiral notebook
Scientific or Graphing Calculator

Grades will be based on daily work (notes, participation, practice70% of grade),

quizzes (20% of grade), and a final (10% of grade).
Scale A+A 98%93%
Daily Points
5 points per day
: A90%
Maximum 20 points
B+B 88%83%
B- C+
80% 78%
Notes/Organiza 2 points each
CC- D+ 73%70%
average 5 points
Daily Grade (70%)
Daily Points- You can earn 10 points a day in lab. These points come from
behavior, participation, and effort. If you miss a day of class, regardless of
the reason, you do not earn those 10 points. To make up the points, you need
to go online and complete the warm ups, notes, and practice done that day.
You can do this at home, during lunch, before or after school, or during block
o Loss of points can be caused by: tardiness, disrespect, lack of
participation, excessive talking, disengagement, etc.
Notes- I will collect notes in packets periodically, typically 2 3 times per
chapter/unit. Notes are guided, and I will grade them on completeness. You
may keep them in your classroom folder and take them with you to help with
your math class. Do not lose them or you lose the points!
Practice- Extra practice will be provided on a regular basis. You will not have
additional homework in this class, as all work will be completed in the
given period. The practice that will take place will include extra skill building,
critical thinking and problem solving activities, and help with problems from
the regular math class. Each day, you will have a warm up problem that will
review a previously taught concept or lead to the introduction of a new idea.
All work not completed on your guided notes or a handout will be completed
in your spiral notebook. I will collect these every Wednesday and will be
passed back Friday.
Quick Assessments/Quizzes (20%)
Periodically you will be given a short assessment covering the material that
we have gone over in class. Information presented in your regular math class,
but not discussed in lab will not be included in these assessments. If you miss
a Quick Assessment, schedule a time to make it up. You have one week to
make up an assessment. If you do not do well on an assessment, retakes are
always available, provided that you spend time with me prior to the retake to
go over the material.