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has many voices. You need to be who you are, not try
to emulate somebody else
The most interactive and participative session
by Mr. Robert was truly the best we could get on leadership
course. It conferred us with the profound insight that;
leadership is all about, being your best and giving your best in
serving the need. And the need of the hour is to realize that
leadership arises in the moment and to be effective in the
moment leaders should posses the basic quality of awareness.
Awareness about what is going on within us and around us. Every
human being is an integration of body, heart and mind. And an
effective leader should be aware about his thoughts and his
inner world.
Mr. Robert emphasized the importance of
servant leadership by quoting martin Luther king: everybody can
be great. Everybody can serve. You only need a heart full of
grace. Soul generated by love. A leader with a heart can win the
heart of the people whom he wants to conquer. And the most
imperative attribute a leader is the sense of self belief. Like they
say, nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing,
because he could do only a little.
And during the course of the session we actually
realized the leaders within us. The attributes of leaders like
empathy, charisma, compassion and the like are all veiled within
us. Its just that we need to do self interrogation and discover the
leader in us, because nothing matters more than self actualization
and self discovery. If a leader manages to discover the authentic
leader within us, then he not only inspires those who around them
, but also empower them to step up and lead.
We are very grateful to Mr. Robert for his
enthusiastic and energy loaded session . And special thanks to

Prof. S.Peppin for arranging the interactive session and we hope to

get more down the line .