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To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept my highest recommendation for Brian Conway, who is seeking a school leadership
role. I have worked with Brian as his professor in the Educational Leadership program at Drake
University, and have consistently been impressed by the excellent quality of his work and his
presence as a member of our on-campus cohort. In particular, I would rate Brians conscientious
approach, communication, level of preparation and capacity to foster positive, respectful
relationships with colleagues as among the finest I have observed during my time as a professor.
Brian has a strong background as a teacher-leader and now serves with distinction as an
instructional coach, and he has already compiled an impressive range of school leadership
experiences. He is a thoughtful, intelligent, and innovative educator who advocates not only for
his students but also for collaborative, engaging, and technology-enhanced learning
environments. I see in Brian the best of the future of our profession, an assessment that has been
reinforced by his mentors and other professors.
Brian has demonstrated skill in identifying interventions for student learning, a facility with
planning, organizing and training strategies to address them, and leadership in seeing them
through to completion. His preparation for, and presentation of, his course projects have been
exemplary, and I have no doubt that such efforts will translate well into future school leadership
roles. Ultimately, I believe Brian is well positioned to enact a vision of excellence through:
His drive to ensure that high quality, data-driven learning opportunities are provided to
the young people with whom he has been entrusted, and his desire to offer educational
outreach and effective communication to families and other stakeholders.
His involvement in important initiatives, such as leadership, literacy, and PBIS teams.
His excellence in teaching and professional development across multiple areas, including
language arts, math, social studies, and integration of instructional technology.
His efforts to enhance learning and the assessment of student work through a crosscurricular, differentiated, and student-centered approach.
An impressive aspect of these contributions is that many occurred as Brian was completing a
masters program and 400+ hour clinical internship. I believe that his ability to remain focused in
the midst of these considerable competing demands, his quality of character, and his
demonstrated modeling of life-long learning, predict great potential to serve admirably as an
educational leader. As such, I would recommend him for leadership roles without reservation. If I
can further elaborate, please do not hesitate to contact me at (515) 271-2082.
Randal Peters
Assistant Professor
School of Education
Drake University