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NSWMSC Welcomes NSW Health’s
‘Map My Career’ Website
The NSWMSC would like to congratulate NSW Ministry of Health on their
‘Map My Health Career’ website, launched by Health Minister Jillian Skinner
earlier this month.
NSWMSC Chair, Neel Gobin, said that the ‘Map My Health Career’ website is
an excellent resource for learning about the broad range of career options
available to medical students.

“Medical students make many considerations when choosing their career
path, such as length of training, flexibility and demand, and it can be difficult
to compare these factors across specialties,” Mr Gobin said.
The ‘Map My Health Career’ enables medical students to make comparisons
of the workforce characteristics, job availability and geographical
distribution across NSW in each of the 53 medical specialties.

“Using the ‘Map My Health Career’ website, medical students can now make
more informed decisions about their future, and this helps produce a better
medical workforce for the state” Mr Gobin said.

The website can be viewed on laptop, tablet and smartphone. Video
testimonials from local NSW doctors can be accessed to learn about working
in particular specialties.
The ‘Map My Health Career’ website can be accessed at


Christopher Lemon
NSWMSC Public Relations Officer 2015
0415 387 990