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Michigan State University

Special Education: CEP 802A

Lesson Plan Format
Date: 12/14/14
Subject: Math- Subtraction
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Intended of Duration Lesson: ~40 minutes
3e Curriculum Standards/Goals
The corresponding Common Core benchmarks:
CCSS.K.OA.1. - Represent addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, mental images, drawings,
sounds (e.g., claps), acting out situations, verbal explanations, expressions, or equations.
CCSS.K.OA.2. -Solve addition and subtraction word problems, and add and subtract within 10, e.g.,
by using objects or drawings to represent the problem..
Lesson Goal:
Students will be able to write an addition sentence.
Students will be able to efficiently use a number line to solve an addition sentence.
Students will be able to independently use the related math tools (white board, dry erase marker)
Lesson Objectives:
Given two number cards, each student will be able to write one addition sentence and solve this
problem using a number line with 100% completion.
IEP Goal/Objectives (if appropriate)
Dry erase markers
White boards
Uno cards
Number lines
Prior Knowledge:
Students will need to have some experience understanding the concept of solving an addition
problem, using a number line, and understanding the procedures for using white boards which were
taught during the previous days lesson.

Students will gather in a circle on the carpet in a position allowing them to see the teacher and materials.
o The assistant teacher will sit near those students who need helping maintain attention during the activity.
Teacher will introduce the topic of the lesson by asking questions pertaining to previous addition activities.
Teacher will discuss with students where related materials around the classroom can be found.

Teacher will introduce the number cards that will be used to create the addition sentences
Two number cards will be flipped over from the piles. The two numbers found on the
cards will be the two addends of he addition sentence.
Teacher will make purposeful mistakes, engaging students to help write and solve the problems
Students will verbally participate in writing and solving the addition sentences (I Do portion of
the I do, we do, you do scaffolding)
Teacher will assign students roles in the process of passing out lesson materials
o Students will either help to prepare and pass out the materials or remain seated waiting to receive the
o Teacher will remind students of the rules and procedures for using the white boards and dry erase
markers during group time.
Teacher will guide students through the process of writing and solving the addition sentences using the (We do
portion of the I do, We do, You do scaffolding method)
o Teacher will demonstrate how to write the addition sentence on her board and students will practice on
their boards
o Teacher will demonstrate how to use a number line to solve the additions sentence, and then students will
practice on their boards
o The teacher and assistant teacher will observe to see which students need additional support and which
students can complete the task independently
Teacher will encourage students who are ready to write and solve the addition sentences to do so on their own.
o Teacher and assistant teacher will continue to engage with and assist those who need support to use the
number line.
The class will practice several problems in this manner to prepare for tomorrows lesson, which will take this
activity one step further into a partner math game.
Teacher will assign roles for students to put away the lesson materials.
Teacher will briefly introduce and demonstrate the math activity that students will participate in during the following
days lesson.
Students will transition into snack time.

Informal Observational
Informal Curriculum-based Objective Completion
If students struggle with the concepts or ideas of the lesson, extra assistance and more practice will
be done with the teacher or with the help of the assistant teacher.
If students understand the material and are more quickly ready to work independently, they will be
given individual cards to use in the process of writing and solving the addition sentences.