A shadow that sits in the corner All alone No friends Only foes

Her hair hangs limp And hides the young face That is so full of pain and longing to be accepted

The teachers turn their heads And pretend not to see The kids taunting and teasing The girl who is an outcast

Not even in lessons can she ascape All around her They point and glare While the teacher pleases the majority and turns a blind eye

Then one day she was gone There was no sign of her Not even a whisper Not that anyone cared

As for the bullies? The outcasts in themselves So afraid and in pain That they feel the need to torment others?

They simply moved on to a new victim

A new soul to corrupt Bring pain to And even completely destroy Another persons life to condem

So the other girl was forgotten Just another member to the crowded hall of kids Whose early childhoods were destroyed by by people an internally miserable as them

If only the bullies could see me now

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