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Mitzy Perez

LEI 4724
Activity: Extreme Rock Paper Scissors
Source: Hohenberger, J. (2003, February 21). Team building activities: Extreme rock paper
scissors. Retrieved from
Equipment Needed: large area for running, tape for marking end zones
Activity Description
1. Before beginning the activity make sure there are 6 or more individuals and sit the group in a
circle. The group leader should then ask who knows how to play rock, paper, scissors. Ask an
individual to demonstrate to the group the objectives of the game. Sample the different scenarios
and ask the group who won in each scenario to be sure everybody understands. Paper beats
rock, rock beats scissors and scissors beat paper.
2. The group leader should then divide the group into 2 equal groups and explain to the groups
that they must collectively come up with a signal that represents the move they would like to
play. For example, if the group chooses scissors, they can do an alligator chomp to represent
3. Make sure there is a halfway point where the teams line up across from each other, at least
arms length. Mark two end zones behind both teams.
4. On the count of "rock, paper, scissors" each team will flash their signal. If the team wins, they
must tag the members of the other team. If they lose, they must retreat behind their end zone
before getting tagged. If they are tagged, they must join the other team. If not, they remain on the
same team.
5. Game ends when one team successfully captures all members of the opposing team or by the
discretion of the facilitator.
Leadership Considerations
-The facilitator should stand nearby the groups to observe behaviors. Make sure there is no
unnecessary roughness while tagging another person.
-Possible Discussion Questions: Why did the team perform a certain signal? What can be done to
efficiently tag more players? What did you feel when the team lost? Any frustrations felt as an
individual or group?
- When working with participants with limited range of motion, a high level of spasticity, or
weaker upper body muscles, the objective is to increase their strength and range of motion. You
can use a pool noodle for them to reach out and tag their fellow participants. The pool noodle can
be cut to different lengths depending on the needs of the participant.
-When working with participants with anger management the goal is to find ways for the
participant to increase and practice their ability to manage anger. If the participant is tagged,
allow another person of the team tag him back in. This will deter their anger, and keep them
motivated to continue playing the game.