Crane's Technical Paper 201 CASTI Guidebook to ASME B31.3 Proces Piping by: Glynn E. Woods and Roy B.

Baguley ISBN: 1894038541 A comprehensive book on the application of B31.3. Topics include pressure design of piping components, flexibility analysis, limitations, materials, fabrication, inspection, category M service, and high pressure systems. The book is well written and easy to read. Design of Piping Systems by: M. W. Kellogg Co. ISBN: 0471467952 A comprehensive text covering all aspects of piping. Topics include materials, fluid mechanics, flexibility, supports, corrosion, and piping applications. PROCESS PIPING: The Complete Guide to ASME B31.3 by: Charles Becht IV ISBN: 0791801772 Though somewhat dated, a great book on the basics of piping systems and their design. This text includes many "hand methods," very useful for verifying today's computergenerated results. Fiberglass Pipe Handbook by: Plastics Institute ISBN: 9991353283 Details the basic characteristics and behavior of FRP piping systems. Piping and Pipe Support Systems by: Paul R. Smith & Thomas J. Van Laan (Thomas Van Laan is president of COADE, Inc.) ISBN: 0070589313 Title: Guidelines for the Design and Installation of Pump Piping Systems. V. A. Carucci and J. A. Payne Welding Research Council Bulletin 449

"Introduction to Pipe Stress Analysis " (2 volumes) by Sam Kannappan, 1992, (ISBN 0 89464 706 7), Krieger Publishing Company, Malabar, Florida, 32950. Mr. Kannappan is also a B31.3 Code Committee member. The Kannappan book shows pipe stress analysis approaches as they are done today with the contemporary computer programs.

"The Piping Guide" by D.R. Sherwood and D.J. Whistance - ISBN 0-914-08219-1 (Syentek, PO Box 26588, San Francisco, California 94126). The "Piping Guide" is commonly used is community colleges for teaching layout and good practice (every piping designer should have. Every year the Pressure Vessel and Piping (PVP)Division of ASME has a conference which produces about 200 good papers (about 40 percent piping subjects) and these papers are gathered into publications which are offered by ASME. You could write to ASME and get on their mailing list for publications.
1. Piping Design Handbook by John J. McKetta Jr 2. Piping Stress Engineering by Liang-Chuan Peng and Tsen-Loong Peng 3. Practical Piping Handbook by Otto Mendel 4. Piping Handbook by S. Crocker 5. Piping Calculations Manual (Mcgraw-Hill Calculations) by Shashi Menon 6. A handbook on piping by Carl L Svensen 7. 2004 Process Piping by ASME

• Book : Piping Calculations Manual • Author : E. Shashi Menon • Publisher : McGraw-Hill Companies • ISBN-10 : 0071440909 • ISBN-13 : 978-0071440905 • Edition : 1st Edition, 12/2004 • No of Pages : 666 Pages Advanced Piping Design (Process Piping Design Handbook) (v. II) (Hardcover) ~ Rutger Boterman (Author), Peter Smith (Author)

Process Piping: The Complete Guide to Asme B31.3 (Pipelines and Pressure Vessels) (Hardcover)
~ Charles Becht (Author)

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