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Sabrina Galban

Period 4
Pride and Prejudice Movie Review
Pride and Prejudice is a British romance film directed by Joe Wright in 2005.
This movie is based off of Jane Austens novel, under the same name. The film tells
the story of the Bennet sisters as they deal with the issues and struggles with
finding love, marriage, and the misconception of others. The movie stars some
well-known actors, Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet, and Matthew Macafayden as
Mr. Darcy. To stay true to the novel and storyline, the movie keeps most of the
dialogue that Austen writes in her novel, however, there are some differences
compared to the actual novel. The first most notable difference is the way Elizabeth
is portrayed. In Jane Austens novel, Elizabeth is very sweet and well mannered, in
the movie, Wright portrayed Elizabeth as rude and ill-tempered compared to her
other sisters. Another significant difference between the novel and the movie is,
the relationship between Elizabeth and her sister Jane. In the novel, Jane and
Elizabeth are very close, sharing all the details and secrets with one another. In the
movie, they appeared distant and kept secrets from one another. There was also
some scenes that were added for the appeal of the viewer. For example, the scene
when Elizabeths beauty catches the eye of Mr. Darcy and displays their attraction
between each other. In the novel, this scene never happened. Despite these slight
differences, Pride and Prejudice (2005) portrayed the novel the most accurately,
compared to the 1995 version. Overall, Joe Wright did a magnificent job
transforming Jane Austens novel into movie form, having a great cast and keeping
the same dialogue of Jane Austens novel.