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Dhatri Medarametla

3rd hour
FCAs for Meetings 5, 6, and 7
- One quote per paragraph
- Label two literary terms
- Flow
- Label the independent and dependent clauses in two complex sentences
- Extra Effort if you use Vocabulary words
Discussion Maker

Label two literary terms

Label subjects and verbs in two sentences
Extra effort if you use Vocabulary Words


One quote
Label two literary terms
Label the dependent and independent clauses in one complex sentence


One quote
Label two literary terms
Label the dependent and independent clauses in two complex sentences
Dhatri Medarametla
3rd hour
Discussion Groups Meeting 5 Recorder
I believe that the garbage man that Ingrid talked to will not rat her out to the
police, even if he needs money because he seems to fear Chief Strade. On
page 236, the author states, The man in the bandanna said a word he shouldnt

have in front of her and jumped up onto his narrow platform. The truck moved
on. To explain, Chief Strade has just shown up in a police car, and the garbage
man, who seems fearful of the police, leaves Katies house, and gets away.
When someone is scared of another person, chances are they wont try to go
and talk or compromise with the other person. Thinking of this situation that way,
I doubt that the garbage man will go and rat out Ingrid for stealing one of Katies
possessions because he seems to be scared of Chief Strade. Therefore, after
weighing his chances, its most likely that the garbage man will not tell the police

that she took one of Katies most prized possessions.

Ingrid lies to Chief Strade about biking for a school project because she
doesnt want him to know her real motive which is to find more clues on who
murdered Cracked-Up Katie. The author states on page 237, Hed figured it out,
understood everything, the whole twisted chain of events, and now she was in
big, big trouble. Trial by juryShe hung her head. Tears were on the way. To
elaborate, this was before Chief Strade told her about the real reason why he
stopped her. You can see anxious and worried Ingrid felt during those tense
moments when she thought hed figured out all of what had happened. Shes
scared about going to trial by jury and maybe being arrested after that. This fear
was suddenly flowing through her brain, and her body, and she was about to cry.
Taking all of those feelings into consideration, its not hard to infer that Ingrid was
well beyond scared that Chief Strade had figured out the truth. Her intelligence
came in handy when she realized that she would have to lie to him, as she knew
that he did not know the truth. A lie would supposedly fix everything and Chief
Strade would never know the real reason why she was skipping school. For

those reasons, Ingrid lied to Chief Strade because she was afraid of the
aftermath if she told the truth.
When Chief Strade finds that the soccer cleats in Katies house were red
Pumas, and tells Ingrid, Ingrid fibs because she doesnt want him to mistake her
as being the murderer. On page 241, the author says, Meaning the resolution
was high enough to show that leaping Puma logo at the top of the heel.
Therefore what about those soccer camp ID disks strung on the laces? To
clarify, you can tell that Ingrids mood here is tense. She fears that Chief Strade
will realize that those are her soccer cleats, and say that she is the murderer, so
she lies and says her cleats are black. In conclusion, Ingrid fibs about her soccer
cleats to Chief Strade to get out of the subsequent consequences that would

follow if she told the truth.

Grampy hates the Ferrands so much because they want his land, the only
leftover green land, so that they can gain more money, and become richer.
When Ingrids parents mention Tim Ferrand on pages 283-284, Grampys
response is quite violent. Condos,You want to put condos on my
land.Partners with the Ferrands? You can see how much Grampy hates how
the Ferrands keep trying to make him sell the land. He wants to keep his land,
and thats final. Anyone messing with him or his land will end up with unfortunate
consequences. If Tim Ferrand keeps messing with Grampy, the aftermath may
be brutal. As you can see, Grampy dislikes the Ferrands because hes trying to
buy Grampys land, and become wealthier.

Dhatri Medarametla
3rd hour
Discussion Meeting 7 Connector
In a mystery, sometimes the solution can take you by surprise. In the
book Down the Rabbit Hole, the resolution definitely took me by surprise, just like
the moment in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when you find that
Pettigrew is not innocent. From the start of the book, Vincent was the last one on
my mind that I thought would end up being the murderer. He seemed sweet, with
a cute personality. Ingrid even described him as, beautifulhe gave you the
feeling of great big universe and little lonely guy. He seemed like the perfect
man, the perfect guy, which made the climax of the novel even more surprising.
Similar to Vincent, Peter Pettigrew was described in the Harry Potter series to be
a quiet child who always tagged along with James and Sirius. The feeling that
you got from him seemed to be harmless. Behind that harmless mask however,
lay a passion for evil. In both cases, the seemingly most innocent character ends
up being the person in trouble, making them quite similar to each other. In
summary, Vincent Dunn connects to Peter Pettigrew because they were both the
unsuspected antagonist of a mystery.