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Robyn Brooks

Identify a subject/curricular area you teach that could benefit from a Global Learning
The overall goal of your GLP –
The overall goal of my GLP is to learn how librarians have taught students to read.
My overall goal is to research literacy programs globally, the importance of literacy, how
librarians can connect globally, how technology is implemented. The benefits of literacy
programs for K-6 learners and how to promote cross cultural awareness and reading
• What you want them to do?
I would like for librarians to share what they know on early literacy
• What you feel will be the cross-cultural benefits?
1. Learning from one another
2. How technology and literacy are related
3. How is literacy introduced to learners
4. The cost of having a library (more to come as I explore)
• If there is a final product, what might it look like?
I hope to incorporate a wealth of information. I am not sure what the final product will
look like, a lot will depend of the communication and collaboration as well as the
participants comfort level of using technology.
• How will it benefit the participants so that they will want to be involved?
I would like to convey to the participants that the benefits of being connected globally
will benefit learners and literacy programs.
Search and review existing projects, resources around the topic, etc to see what is already out
there and how your project can benefit the current GLP projects.
Participate in the blogs, ask questions and collaborations
The amount of people who lack literacy skills, the need for books around the world and lack of,
how fundraising helps support literacy programs and the availability of libraries.
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I would like to connect with the volunteers and discuss early literacy the availability of libraries
and resources. The role of government and the cost of an education.
Find out how they promote literacy, ask questions about their program, the road blocks they have
encountered and how they incorporate technology
Summarize your findings. In summary I will learn from these resources through
collaborations and communication. I would like to find out how they use technology to
communicate and how technology is incorporated in their projects and more about their
missions. As I progress I will come across more resources to complete my global project
Working Title of your GLP [it should reflect what the project is about and peak
curiosity/motivation for your classroom and future students]
Librarians and Literacy Globally Connected
Subject of GLP – Curricular Area/s N/A
List the Type/s of GLP structures you will use in your project such as: information exchanges,
electronic publishing; social action project, etc..
Key-pals, Telemontoring, Data Creations and Pooled Data
Define your project participants [i.e. target audience] – K-6
• Biographical info about yourself [host classroom] Student in the Masters Program
Educational Technology

What type of participants will you need to make the project successful? (i.e. grade level,
geographical location, language, etc..)
The types of participants that I will need to make this project successful will be
volunteers working on literacy projects, librarians.

The possible locations are Canada, England, Australia, Ireland and Africa and the
• How many classrooms would make the GLP effective?
• What will your participant’s roles be?
The role of the participants will be to provide information that will make this project a
Define Time parameters [start/end dates]
• What is your target date for implementing your GLP?
Sept 2014

What is the target date for concluding your GLP?
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Feb 2015
Will you continue annually, biannually?

State the rationale. Why is your project important or worthwhile?
• See pg 4 of our optional text, Global project-based Learning with Technology” for
an excellent list of possible project rationale
• also has potential ideas
I feel that learning from this project is worthwhile because the amount of illiterate
people continues to grow globally. Regardless of where we live or where we are
from. Learning how to read is necessary to exist in our everyday lives. Literacy is
just as important as being health conscience.
Write a synopsis of your GLP [1-2 paragraphs]
This is like an advertisement that you will use to give prospective participants a clear idea
of what it is about.
My global learning project focuses on early literacy K-6 learners and librarians who
promote reading and know the best way to teach reading to young learners. Virtual
libraries are on the rise and I would like to find out how literacy and librarians have been
affected because of the use of technology. I would also like to connect librarians together
to see how we can improve on global literacy. My goal and mission is to research the best
ways to improve literacy.
State specific Objectives, Standards and Global Learning Outcomes [use action verbs]
Write as specific learning objectives. You may link to standards if possible at this phase in
the process. This will continue to evolve as you build your project in your next class. Things to
ask yourself….
! What are your standards-aligned Learning Objective(s) for this GLP?
! What are the content standards will you address in this GLP?N/A

What are the main global learning objectives you envision in your GLP? N/A


What are the cross-cultural skills [global connection/component?]N/A

Define the main Task(s): What will students (and other partners) be asked to do in the GLP
Connect globally, connect librarians globally, meet librarians globally, create a crosscultural awareness, and promote literacy through using technology.

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Describe Project activities (introductory, learning and culminating activities) that students will
engage in during the GLP? N/A
Define collaboration
• How will you communicate?
o Which tools will you use?
! Email, the internet, goggle hangouts, skypeing, voice thread, phone calls,
language translator, blogging and social media
o In what language will you communicate?
! English
o How will you accommodate other languages?
! Language translator
o How often will you communicate with partners?
• How will you collaborate with partner teachers? N/A
• How will students collaborate/A
o Within each classroom N/A
o Between partner classrooms n/a
• What parts of the project will be done together/ n/a
• What parts of the project will each class do independently n/a

Describe how you will advertise
• How and where will you advertise your project to find participants?
Glp Flyer
Describe how you will showcase your project
• How will you publish student work? N/A
• How will you share collaborations? Google hangout
• How will you celebrate the accomplishments of your GLP with your class and
I will send out thank you notes
Define Resources needed:
• What resources (hardware, software, WWW, etc…) do you need for your GLP?
Back up hard drive
• Where and when will you gather these resources? List below/A
• What kind of ongoing support do you envision needing to be successful?
• From my cardre and professors
! How will you assess students' proficiency with the standards and objectives selected? Will
you use an observation checklist, a rubric, a test?

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Will students need any special training to participate in the GLP activities? If so, how will
you build this into your GLP? N/A

As your GLP takes off, evaluate it for quality (Are the students meeting the objectives you
intended? What could you improve?) and efficiency (Is the GLP easy to understand,
participate in and rewarding for the participants?).
• What do you envision to be the greatest challenge with your GLP?
The challenges I foresee is communications and commitments from the participants
globally. The reluctance to commit and the time difference. The constraints might be key
participants who are on vacation or having difficulties connecting to the Internet.
• How might you complete the project if you don’t have the required number of participants?
I will have more participants than just a few.
• What roadblock or obstacles might prevent you from implementing this project? How might
you deal with these?
Some of my roadblocks might be having a bad internet connection and loss of information. The
best way to deal with this is to check my signal strength constantly and back up my information on
my external hard drive daily.

Thots to ponder….
A GLP is a cross cultural collaboration that:
• can solve a social or environmental problem
• explore parallel histories
• promote cultural healing
• share a variety of perspectives around the world through many curricular areas (i.e. literature
“Diversity in language and culture among students and staff can be either a challenge or
opportunity. Global project-based learning is a model for working with diverse students to
utilize the differences into distinct learning advantages. Whether the projects include local
populations or working to include students from other countries, global project-based learning
provides concrete techniques for valuing diversity, integrating technology in project-based
learning, and growing community support at schools.” Mark Standley

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For 526 (final class) you will present your newly implemented GLP website, reflect on your
experience and what your future plans for your GLP are.

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