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Tiara Cook

March 24, 2014

Geog 1700_ ePortfolio
Pollution is Effecting our World
Humans are causing major damage to our world and most people dont
even realize what is happening. We drive our cars everywhere, burn fuels
every day, and work in power plants; all are causing the destruction of our
home. Air pollution is an issue to our planet. Air pollution is a mixture of
solid particles and gases in the air. (Metaline Plus, 23 March 2015). It is also
a large cause of global warming.
Generally any substance that people introduce into the atmosphere
that has damaging effects on living things and the environment is considered
air pollution. (National Geographic, 2015). One substance people provide to
the atmosphere is carbon dioxide. It is basically the main cause of what it
warming the Earth. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that comes from
burning fossil fuels. Over the years of driving vehicles and working in
industrialized factories, the amount of carbon in our atmosphere is now
building at a high rate. In 2012, carbon dioxide accounted for about 82% of
all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from human activities. (EPA, 2 July 2014).
Carbon dioxide is hazardous to the earth causing many environmental
effects, such as global warming, melting of polar ice caps, drought and an
increase in severe weather changes.

Not only is air pollution causing global warming, it has many negative
effects on climate change. Air pollution is very harmful to the ozone layer.
The air has harmful chemicals within it that causes the ozone layer to get
weaker (Haluzan, 10 November 2009). The
Troposphere ozone layer, is a layer in the atmosphere that acts as a
sunscreen, protecting us from harmful UV rays that cause cancer. Air
pollution however, is decreasing the ozone which is letting more UV rays
reach humans and other living things on the planet (Green Facts, 21
February 2015).
Air Pollution is everywhere, but is most common in large cities where
secretions from fossil fuels are used more frequently. Although in places like
Utah the mountains can hold in the air pollution and stop the unclean air
from spreading out, which creates build up. This air pollution looks like a
cloud hanging over the cities making the air look filthy. This is called smog.
Smog is a combination of smoke and fog which illustrates a darker cloud
slightly about cities.
On the other hand, air pollution is also occurring inside as well. Heating
a home takes a lot of energy and infects the inside of a house. Second hand
smoke from cigarettes can make the air difficult to breathe in and can stick
to walls and the items in the home. Also if a house consists of mold, it can
pollute the air in the home and can make people sick (National Geographic,

Yes, air pollution is a large problem our planet faces but there are
many ways we can reduce it. One way to reduce pollution is to conserve
energy, Turn of any lights or appliances not being used. Another way to
reduce air pollution is to recycle paper, plastic, and glass. Recycling will help
conserve energy and will help cut down on manufactures that create
dangerous chemicals in the air.
Lastly, to help decrease our air pollution, drive appropriately. Join a
carpool or when available ride a bike or public transportation. Plan trips
around town wisely to save gas and burn less fuel. To help save on gas, keep
tires inflated and aligned and get regular engine tune ups. There are many
ways to reduce pollution that people can do every day. Global warming is
occurring and the ozone is shrinking, but if people just did these few little
things it might help save our planet (EPA, 28 October 2014).
What I learned from this assignment is people are the main problem
for Earths issues. I knew that driving a car and burning gas was hurting the
Earth but, before researching I had no idea that simply leaving a light on was
effecting to pollution levels. Everything humans do seem to be making this
planet worse.
I have allergies, and every time the air gets really polluted I would
always blame it on the bad air. Although, the air didnt become this bad on
its own, people made it this way. Now its time to put an end to polluting the
air. Not only did I learn how air pollution it destroying the planet and helping
the creation of global warming, I also learned a lot about how we can reduce

production of air pollution. This was very eye opening and insightful

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