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1) Relate what was discussed in class or the text to the screening.

In terms of contribution to film history this movie has the realist portrayal of drug
abuse. Throughout the film we can see the highs and lows of heroin addicts in
Scotland. Marc Renton, portrayed by Ewen McGregor, is constantly battling
between wanting to get clean and addiction itself. Throughout the film Renton
doesnt seem to care about consequence, he lives for the high and doesnt really
seem to have aspirations. After meeting Diane, he starts to become more aware
of the path he is heading (although that still isnt enough for him to get clean at
first). However, after nearly dying from an overdose he decides to get clean and
distance himself of his friends because that is the only way he can stay clean.

2) Find a related article and summarize the content. (on the film, director, studio,
actor/actress, artistic content, etc.) You can use the library or the internet. Cite
the article or copy the url to your journal entry. Summarize in your own words the
related article but do not plagiarize any content.
The article, Trainspotting, review: 'brave and glorious' by Rupert Hawksley for
The Telegraph, discusses the brilliance of the film style. Along with memorable
quotes there is more substance to the film; through dark humor and somewhat
comedic characters (Spud) we are introduced to hard real-life problems like illicit
drug abuse and HIV, and all the ups and down that entails. Supported by five
effortlessly assured central performances, it is cool without ever having to try,
funny but deeply tragic, alluring but faintly terrifying.

3) Apply the article to the film screened in class. How did the article support or
change the way you thought about the film, director, content, etc.?
The article just confirmed my thoughts of the film. We hear the stories of people
with addiction; how they live, what they do to keep getting high, withdrawals and
relapse, but rarely do we ever have the opportunity to really see it in action
(thankfully). However, this movie is as real as it comes. We see Renton keep
falling back to the habit, we see bad decision-making, death, and changing
relationships. The acting was grade A and although it did have some humor, I
dont feel like the habit was sugar coated. We see the ugly and it was a very
honest portrayal.
4) Write a critical analysis of the film, including your personal opinion, formed as
a result of the screening, class discussions, text material and the article. I am
less interested in whether you liked or disliked a film, (although that can be part
of this) than I am in your understanding of its place in film history or the
contributions of the director.
This film was so uncomfortable for me to watch. Especially the scenes with baby
Dawn around the crew shooting up heroin (I fast forwarded through those parts) I
had a gut feeling that something was going to happen to the baby, and I was
right. Hence, my favorite scene was the one where Rentons parents decided to
keep him to his room to go through his withdrawals instead of letting him go to
the clinic. It is in that room where Renton is confronted with all the guilt he has
suppressed with all the drug use. Including the death of baby Dawn. With little
dialogue we are transported through the process of withdrawal using images and
fancy camera work (close-ups, fast zooming in and out). We get the feel of

Rentons desperation. It was a very exciting scene to watch. Not to mention the
soundtrack was right on.
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3) ( x ) If I used any passages word for word, I put quotations around those
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8) (x ) I checked yes on steps 1-7 and therefore have been fully transparent
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Name: Maria Soldi Date: March 4, 2015

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