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Activity Planning / First Year Format

Name: Rebekah Versluis

Type: Science
Presentation date:
Age Group: 2- 3.5
Purpose: The children will learn how different solutions react together
Domain goals:


Social / Emotional

This activity will promote social behavior by improving

their peer group entry skills, with the way we will be
observing before play, and including things such as toys
and materials that are relevant to what we are playing
with. It will also promote emotional behavior by creating
curiosity towards the volcano, creating a positive attitude
towards learning, and having them take risks with new
things they have not played with yet.



This activity will promote communication and language

by having them use descriptive language to explain,
explore and extend. In this activity they may begin to
inquire and have reasons for what is happening. They
will show this by how they see the changed in the
volcano, with colour to form, and how it ends up and
what happens when it is frozen and then melts again.
This activity will promote cognitive learning because it
will help them in their sequential change domain, as they
can now make sequential changes to what is happening
to the volcano and how it happened.
Gross Motor: This activity will promote gross motor
skills in movement and expression, as they will become
expressive using movements, with the way they act out
when the volcano is exploding.
Fine Motor: This activity will promote tool use, with
playing with the small toys in the volcano, and with using
the syringe and spoon to pour out the vinegar.







The materials needed for this activity are: The ice volcano, a syringe, a spoon, a cup, baking soda and vinegar.
In preparation of this activity, I will already have done the ice volcano creation with them, so they will already be
anticipating playing with it. I would then bring all the materials that were needed outside and set it all up before
they got outside so there are no interruptions.
Set up:
On the day of the activity I will get all the materials together on a cart so it is easy to access when I am ready to
do the activity. When I am ready to bring it outside, I will bring the cart down, and set it up on the concrete part
of the playground, with the toys and materials set around it for clear vison.
Procedure: /Motivation: verbally & visually
The attention of the children should already be at the peak as we have already created the volcano the day
before and they are excited about seeing what we are doing with it. I will set up little toys that can be used in
the volcano around it.
This activity will start with the children coming outside, I will ask them all to sit down near the volcano, and we
will go over how we made it again and what we think will happen if we leave it outside for too long. We will than
go over what materials and toys I have outside with the volcano and what we can use them for. After this

revised August 2013

discussion, I will show them the effect of just a little bit of vinegar can do (syringe), what a little more can do
(spoon) and what even more can do (a cup). I will than allow them to have free time with the volcano and the
In the conclusion I will ask the kids to help me clean up the materials and put them on the cart for me. In
preparation of going inside we will all begin to clean up the whole yard and line up. I will throw the volcano in
the garbage if it is still standing.


revised August 2013