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3rd Annual


Celebrating Our Planet, Healing Our Heart
Wednesday, April 22, 2009

META CENTER 214 W. 29th Street, NYC

You must be the change you wish to see in the

Mahatma Gandhi

One Planet. One Race. One Heart. We Are all One.

Are All

If one takes the letter, h, from the end of the word Earth and moves it to the beginning, it forms the new word,
Heart. This is Planet Earth, yet, we are also living on Planet Heart. Where our hearts beat as one - We Are
One. We just have to remember and wake up. Some of us are and it is our job to spread this energy and do
things that make a difference. Many of us, like We, The World, are working to make the world a better place for
us and for our children. We are living in very auspicious times. People in spiritual communities and organizations,
and the New Age Movement already know this, but we need to wake up the others who are still sleeping. The
rate of awareness is increasing. So, this is the meaning behind the name, Planet Heart. As a Project of We, The
World, we aim to extend their mission and believe that Planet Hearts mission is at the heart and core of that of We,
The World. The Mission of Planet Heart is to help cultivate a world of peace, helping to bring all humans together in
harmony on a global scale and to realize that We Are All One. The mission of We, The World is to maximize
social change on a global scale. We, The World is working to awaken a spirit of caring and involvement in the
public so that millions of people begin to see themselves as part of one global interdependent community, and
actively take part in creating a world that works for all! For more information go to:
Dear Community,
In 2007, I finally produced and manifested a long-time vision of mine - an annual earth day event and also
formed Planet Heart to do events such as this. I anticipate to do more events like this, and really just want to
bring people together to realize our oneness and produce extraordinary events. We have this life that we are
living, and we get to be in the driver seat. There are so many, many avenues that we take and things happen. It
is how we respond to them. We are what we think and we do what we choose. If we put our minds to something,
we really can do anything, even walk on hot coals. Yes, I came back last year from Tony Robbins Unleasing the
Power Within, and did a firewalk. I got to tell you, that was incredible, imagine 3300 people from all walks of life,
young and old, doing this walk. I have to admit, I was alittle skeptical but after being trained by Tony to feel and
think differently, I was ready to do it and when I did it, it was a piece of cake, and I didnt feel anything. It was a
big WOW for me. You ever have WOW moments in your life?? I love WOW moments, as I also love FLOW
moments, when we are in the FLOW of your lives and everything seems to be in synch with what we do, who we
meet, what happens, you know, synchronicity. In 2005, I was in the hospital for a major surgery, with a lifethreatening large-sized benign tumor, acoustic neoroma, which made me deaf in my left ear and retaught me the
value of life, its preciousness and the importance of having gratitude for what we do have. I am just one of many
of us who experience all kinds of big circumstances which give us a chance to really look at our lives and the
lives around us and go to the next level of being alive and understanding that phenomenon. That is, if we choose
to see it in that light. We are living in tremendous times, we must really take time to really take in the NOW
moments (I am still working on that myself), of our daily living its not easy sometimes. There are so many
energy shifts going on today, and we are all feeling it in different ways.
Thank you so much for coming and being part of the 3rd Annual World Peace Earth Day Celebrations that is
taking place both on April 22 2009. We have a very exciting program lined up for you and we hope you enjoy it
and that is well worth your while to come. I know you could have been anywhere and you chose to be here, and I
am in gratitude for your choice. I intend you to have the best night ever being here, and that you will be touched
beyond words. Through unity will bring world peace and from feeling connected, you will be connected. May you
feel connected tonight, tomorrow and every day of your life.
Please make sure to sign the mailing list on the cards you have been provided so you can be alerted of our
future events. And now, let us celebrate our beloved planet, Mother Gaia, and heal your heart.
We hope you enjoy the festivities.
May Peace Prevail on Earth. We Are All One.
Love, Light and Peace,
Andrew Kaen
Executive Producer, 3rd Annual World Peace Earth Day Celebrations
Founder, Planet Heart

Logo by Elana Stanger

3rd Annual



Celebrating Our Planet, Healing Our Heart

April 22, 2009
PRE-SHOW 6:30-7:00 Kirtan with Laura Fay Lewis and M.G.C.A./Sangha
MC Host

Mitchell Rabin



Ceremony: Maryanne Savino - Sonic Alchemyst, Chantress,

Metaphysical Channel & Educator and Steven Popiotek - Metaphysical Teacher
and Channel

Speakers: Rick Ulfik. Founder and Director, We, The World

Andrew Kaen, Founder, Planet Heart
Executive Producer, 3rd Annual World Peace Earth Day Celebrations

Talk: Creating Heaven on Earth: Re-tooling the Global Mind,

Re-doing Our Use of Energy
Speaker: Mitchell Rabin
- Creative Consulting Founder, A Better World, Host,
Producer, A Better World Radio & TV


Just Be luv
Through the Eyes of God
Performer: Barry Goldstein - Grammy Award Winning Producer, Musician and
Sound Healer

Meditation: "Envisioning the Ecological Age: An Earth

Speaker: Angela Manno - Educator, Writer & International Artist


Mothers Song
Performer: Lalie - Emmy award winning Singer-Songwriter
Talk: "Opportunities for Planetary Transformation"
Speaker: Peter Roth - Founder/Director, Heart River Center for Intuitive

Way of the World
Performer: Christine Marie Talk:

Singer-Songwriter/Healer/Artist/ Producer

Its All about Love!

Speaker: Alison James - Healer, Channel, Teacher and Ascension Energy Anchor


Give Peace a Deadline: What Ordinary People Can Do to

Cause World Peace in FIVE YEARS
Speakers: Kate Spaulding and Greg Higgins


Water, Not Weapons

Peace on Earth
Performer: Cecilia St. King, Peace Troubadour


Road Not Taken (tentative, depends on time)
Performer: Justin Kim


The Heart of the World Is In Your Hands

Performers: Elisa Lovelie and Kryshema Searly

Composed by: Carman Moore
Music lyrics by: Zeal Greenberg
Closing Ceremony featuring Maryanne Savino with Special Guests
Laraaji and Didgeridoo players AJ Block and Tyler Sussman
with Judy Satori.
Please note: Paul Sladkus will be a special MC for introducing Cecilia
St. King and the song The Heart of the World Is In Your Hands.
BIOS of Artists and Speakers
Christine Marie Berkowitz, Singer-Songwriter/Healer/Artist/ Producer. As an Integrative Energy
Healer, Christine Marie Berkowitz has been certified as a Holistic Health and Wellness Counselor, a
certified Reiki Master Level IV, Light Ascension Master level 12, and a certified Esocen Level 1
Healer. With a burning desire to raise consciousness and inspire others toward wellness and healing,
Christine Marie aspires as an independent artist with her record label Authentic Records. Her record
label is a subsidiary of her company, Imov Inc., a multimedia production company that provides a
forum to help rebuild the world through interactive experiential entertainment. This form of
entertainment consists of conscious programming that create heightened awareness experiences that
are a catalyst for healing, wellness and evolution. Visit her at .

Didge Project (AJ Block and Tyler Sussman) is a didgeridoo awareness movement that explores sound
for healing, music and meditation and teaches didgeridoo classes in Prospect Park.
Barry Goldstein, Grammy Award Winning Producer and Sound Healer, is a translator of Sacred Sound
and inspirational Song. His passion is sharing music, or has he calls it The Universal Language of
Love with the world. He has opened up and shared space with New York Times Best Selling Authors
Wayne Dyer and James Van Praagh as well as touching the audiences of Marianne Williamson, Neale
Donald Walsh and has created music for Dannion Brinkley. Barrys music was featured on Discover
Health Channel and he has also composed for NBC, ABC, Fox and Lifetime Networks as well as being
an award-winning composer for film. He has produced music for EMI, Polygram, Atlantic, BMG and
many other Major Record Labels. Barrys musical experience spans many styles and genres from
winning a Grammy with Les Paul for Best Rock Instrumental in 2005, to providing ambient music for
Shirley Maclaines DVD on UFOs. Mr. Goldstein also hosts a radio show called Guided Attunements
on the World Puja Network and has written articles for Mystic Pop and Planet Light worker
Magazines. He facilitates workshops worldwide on Sound healing and our souls journey. He performs
concerts internationally touching people with Music from the Heart. Visit Barry and listen to his
music at
Zeal Greenberg wrote the lyrics for The Heart of the World is in your Hands and can be found at and He is the founder of the World Development Endowment Foundation
which has been involved with many projects including World Island.
Greg Higgins is a leader, a mentor, and an entrepreneur who believes that a world without politically
organized violence can be achieved by February 14th, 2014. Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Greg
possesses a deep passion for developing new and innovative technology which serves to improve the
lives of others. In February of 2009 fellow entrepreneurs and good friends, Amber Lupton and
Nathan Otto, authors of "Give Peace a Deadline" and founders of P5Y, asked Greg to join the core
strategy team of P5Y for his technological expertise and leadership experience. One week later,
working alongside long time friend and business partner, Kate Spaulding, a P5Y Launch Event of over
1,000 people was organized to initiate the five-year countdown. Currently, Greg is working on
numerous fundraising projects and is planning the technology platform for the P5Y website that will
bring millions of people and NGOs around the world together to collaborate on the P5Y cause. Greg
has a true appreciation for all of those at Planet Heart and their passions for facilitating peace in
our world. He is very grateful for chance to contribute the P5Y message and would love to answer
any questions after the program. Please contact Greg at Visit website:
Rev. Alison L. James is a Certified Crystal Healer, a Channel to the Ascended Masters, an
Ascension Energy Anchor, a Teacher in the Great White Brotherhood of Light, a Rising Star
Teacher and Practitioner, an Advanced ARCH Healer (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing from
Hawaii), a Kahuna ARCH Intuitive, a 7-Ray Healer and a Spiritual Teacher/Counselor. Alison offers
private healing and channeling sessions as well as workshops including the Divine Workshops
(Unconditional Love Transmissions, Meditations, Cosmic Teachings & Journeying), Prema Birthing
into the Divine Feminine, the Twin Flame Reunification Workshop, Color Light Therapy
and Astrological Natal Chart readings. Alison is a student of Derek ONeill of Ireland and a devotee
of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Visit for further information and to receive a
monthly newsletter.
Justin Kim- he is a musician who does everything he does for God, and he believes that music can be
a tool to breakdown all man made barriers and divisions and unify all of humanity. He is a 17 year
old high school student who lives in Irvington NY. Visit Justin at
Cecilia St. King is a charismatic Peace Troubadour who performs original acoustic pop songs with a
spiritual edge.Translating Esoteric Traditions and The Ageless Wisdom Teachings into song, she wraps

captivating vocals around philosophy. Her music offers a powerful antidote to turmoil in our current
times. She is a rare artist who shines because her sheer talent moves & delights audiences who enjoy
meaningful lyrics, a harmonious sound and just plain feeling good. After decades in the music business,
she was recently awarded as an Ambassador for Peace for her work as a humanitarian by the
International Federation for World Peace. Visit:,
LALIE is a singer, performer and producer of live music programs for children, adults and the elderly.
Since 1998 she has performed hundreds of shows in the tri-state area in arts centers, museums,
libraries, schools, senior residences, Alzheimers units and hospices. All programs celebrate her love of
the music from the 1920s, 30s and 40s and Latin rhythms. LALIE is an Emmy-Award winning
documentary producer whose long-form documentaries have been broadcast on PBS television stations
throughout the US and Canada. As a songwriter, Mother's Song is her first composition. An
inspirational ballad it was recorded with Gene Bertoncini a well-known acoustic jazz guitarist. Mothers
Song, came into Lalies head one spring afternoon as she was driving. It is written in the first person,
Earth as Mother asks each of us to love and take care of her and one another as We are one. She
can be reached at Lalies music web-site is
LARAAJI NADABRAHMANANDA, an East-West Swami who shares his bliss inter-dimensionally
through celestial music performance and recordings, laughter teachers and luminous wisdom. He lives,
loves and radiates in Manhattan, and beyond and is an Initiate/Disciple of Inner Sound Current,
Ocean of Nadam. He can be reached at or call him at 212/281-0053.
Laura Fay Lewis and M.G.C.A./SANGHA, Email:
Matchless Gifts Conscious Arts (M.G.C.A.) is where those who are seeking that deeper meaning of
life and desiring to express that search through art, can come and interact with those of like minds.
A place where people can become a channel to empower humanity with spiritual values through the
medium of art. And ultimately as a result, experience the greatest happiness that one can achieve in
a lifetime.
Lionfox Entertainment TV is planning on doing a live webcast tonight. They can be found at Lionfox Entertainment Group is in its most basic sense responsible for
producing, promoting, and distributing new artists and their quality work. Shake Dua is the man
behind the scenes pumping out the underground/independent hits and runs Lionfox Entertainment. Dua
(his familiar name) has also written and produced songs for signed and unsigned artists.
Angela Manno is an educator, writer, and internationally-exhibited artist who has been exploring the
pattern that connects personal and planetary healing for over 20 years. A graduate of the School of
the Spirit Quaker Ministry On Being a Spiritual Nurturer, she is the founder and director of the
School of Living Arts for Creativity and Ecological Culture in Northern Columbia County, New York.
Angela studied Earth Literacy at Genesis Farm and brings her many years of teaching the creative
process as applied to daily life to the crucial work of Earth restoration.
Eco-theologian Thomas Berry has said of her, "Angela Manno has contributed to the Great Work in an
astonishing variety of ways: her art, her Quaker faith, her activism against nuclear power, her
teaching. All resonate with the message of human-Earth relations so transformed that Earth
community is again a realizable goal." Visit her at
Angela will be teaching a workshop titled Eco-Spirituality & Action April 24-26th at One Spirit
Learning Alliance in Manhattan. To register or for further information please go to Enrollment is still open and flyers are available

in back of the room.
Stephen Popiotek is a cutting edge Metaphysical Teacher/Researcher and Channel for a variety of
esoteric subjects including The Kabbalah, Numerology, Egyptian Mystery Teachings, Sacred
Geometry, Property Cleansing, Star Gate Activations and the Ascension Process, Planetary Grid
Upgrades, Galactic Channelings, Spiritual Warrior Teachings, Solar Teachings incorporating
meditation techniques, movement and visualization to harness the spiritual and physical energies of
the sun for personal and planetary healing and empowerment. You can find him on facebook or or email him at
Mitchell Jay Rabin M.A., L.AC. founder of A Better World. A minister, psychotherapist, and
acupuncturist, Mitchell has been in private practice in the New York area since 1980 working with
individuals, couples and families. He has helped to pioneer the growing understanding of the MindBody paradigm & holistic psychology through integrating psychology with Chinese energetics, stress
management and eco-system thinking. Mitchell is also an instructor of Healing Tao University.
He has taught and offered workshops in subjects as diverse as Therapeutic Theater, Taoist
meditation, Chi-Kung, The Tao of Love, Inner Peace & "Diksha", and Meaningful Work. Currently,
Mitchell, along with a consultation, is doing private sessions using the LIFE System, an evoked
potential Biofeedback software program that identifies literally thousands of imbalances in a clients
energy field, then begins the process of re-balancing them. This is done in conjunction with the
Harmonic Energetic Balancing program, or HEB. Creative Consulting Founder, A Better World
Host, Producer, A Better World Radio & TV, visit: or call 212 420-0800 .
Peter Roth is the founder and director of Heart River Center for Intuitive Healing, which began in
1997. He is an internationally acclaimed intuitive healer/consultant who has been written about in
numerous books and articles. He also has a weekly Tuesday morning radio show "Energy Stew" at Visit him at or email him at
Maryanne Savino is a Sonic Alchemyst, Chantress, and a Metaphysical Channel & Educator with a
diverse background in Hawai'ian Shamanism, Mysticism, Yoga, Sacred Dance, Vocal Harmonics and
Sound Healing. For over 15 years she has served many people, both privately and in groups to
achieve self growth, empowerment and transformation. Maryanne is a cancer survivor and was
diagnosed in the late 80's with a debilitating syndrome known as fibromyalgia. These health
challenges have guided her on an empowering and transformative journey of self-discovery and selfhealing. She is devoted and inspired to assist individuals in accessing their unlimited potential to live
more authentically, passionately and abundantly. Maryanne will be conducting the opening and closing
ceremonies. Visit her at or email her at
Judy Satori has been trained by Spirit to speak 'Energy Words of New Creation, as very fast
frequencies of sound and light transmitted through my hands and voice. She is working together
with the Elohim, the creator aspects of God, the various Galactic Councils of Light, the Ascended
Masters and the Angelic Realms to bring this work forward as part of a greater Divine Plan. Her
role is as a catalyst and activator, to prepare you energetically, so that you too may do what you
have come to do at this important time on Earth and walk your path of purpose.
Visit her at:

Paul Sladkus - ABOUT GOOD NEWS BROADCAST - We are offering a new media concept for news
and entertainment about people making a positive, constructive impact on society, no matter what
the obstacles are. News desk and Media Contact: Paul Sladkus, Host, Founder and CEO. Visit: or email

Kate Spaulding is a native of Buffalo, NY. Kates love of cities and making the world a better place
has shaped her previous work and volunteer experiences. She has worked for nonprofits and

community organizations in New York specializing in different areas of improving the built urban
fabric. Kates enthusiasm, activism, and organizing skills have yielded major accomplishments in her
career. She blew the whistle on the unnecessary demolition of a historically significant tenement
style synagogue in the East Village and held a successful press conference causing the developer to
back away from the project. Kate recently became involved in P5Y through her good friend and
business partner, Greg Higgins. She was brought on board to assist in the planning, implementation,
and organizing of the P5Y Launch Event in New York. After learning about the concepts and
structure of the P5Y campaign, Kate is extremely excited and honored to be a part of this
movement. She is just as honored to be a speaker at Planet Heart and will be available to answer
any questions after the program. Kate can be reached at Visit website:
Rick Ulfik is Founder and Board Chair of We, The World, Board Member of the Communications
Coordination Committee for the UN, and Co-Producer of Visual Voices TV Series which was featured
on the Dish Network and available in 15 million homes. Rick is Founder and principal organizer of the
Global Water Awareness & Action Campaign and is Co-Founder and principal organizer of 11 Days of
Global Unity Sept. 11-21, an annual worldwide promotion of peace, sustainability and transformation
with over 700 associated events in more than 60 countries. Rick is also an accomplished composer
and musician (keyboards) who has written, produced, arranged and performed music for ABC TV,
NBC TV and CBS TV, the Olympics, feature films, commercials, and major recording artists from
Queen Latifah to Judy Collins. Visit him at or

11 Days of Global Unity
A Better World
All One Now
Global Water Campaign
Good News Broadcast
New Realities TV
Heart River Center for Intuitive Healing
Healing Music Organization
Kyria Alu'ela Lumina- "Kyria Mystica"
Peace in 5 Years
Show Business Weekly
Sound Healing Network
Meta Center
One Spirit Interfaith Seminary
We, The World
World Development Endowment Foundation
World Water Rescue Foundation
Special thank yous to Tamar & Larry Schwartz (for helping with the flyer), Lisa Roma (helping
with this program and ad for show business weekly), Shake Dua (for doing the live webcast and
sound) Sharon Buchman and Felicia Zadok (for helping distribute flyers), and the volunteers
Pauline Tsang, Grace McGee, Jan Pedis, Kim Iacono, and Barry Tillman, Artists and
Speakers who donated their time, and Co-Sponsors who helped make this event possible. Also
thank yous to anyone else I forgot to mention.
Remember, we can all make a difference and change the world. We Are All One. May Peace Prevail
on Earth.
Proceeds of this event go towards Planet Heart and We, The World to help further their
missions of creating a peaceful, sustainable world. A portion will also go to WBAI Pacifica Radio.