Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse Effects
1.Short-wave radiation enters the atmosphere from the sun 2.Short-waves are converted into Longwaves (infrared rays) at the Earth’s surface

Greenhouse Effects
3.Long-waves (Infrared rays) are reflected away from the Earth’s surface 4.Half of the Infrared Rays escape while the other half become trapped by Greenhouse Gases

3 Types of Greenhouse Gases

§Carbon Dioxide §Water Vapor §Methane

Sources of Greenhouse Gases

1.Burning fossil fuels (**main source**) 2.Volcanic eruptions 3.Landfills (decomposition)

Benefits of Greenhouse Gases

1.The gases slow down the rate that heat leaves the Earth System 2.Without greenhouse gases, the Earth would have freezing temperatures

Disadvantages of Greenhouse Gases

1.Global warming 2.Melting of Polar Ice Caps 3.Rising Sea Levels 4.Flooding of Costal Areas

5.Increase of storms and hurricanes 6.Increase in tropical diseases (malaria)

Greenhouse Effects

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