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Observation Task 4 Classroom

Managing Behaviour
Focus: Classroom Management Strategies
Objective :
The objective of this task is for student teachers to
begin to understand the importance of being
proactive in order to manage the classroom behavior
effectively so that learning can take place. An
effective teacher uses many strategies to manage the
behavior in the classroom so that learning can take
place. This week we are taking a general look at these
various strategies. In the weeks to come, we will
focus on some of the most important behavior
management strategies.

Look and listen for the Classroom Management Strategies
we discussed in class. Make a note in the table below.

Management Tactic

There are evident organisation in the

class . Every things are organised

Can students all see the board?

which give chance to all of the
Does the teacher move children students to see the bored to
understand the lesson and to walk
to different seats if they are
around the classroom . But if they are
noisy or disruptive?

Is it easy for everyone to walk

noisy or disruptive the teacher move
children to different seats .
around the classroom
1. Organizing a productive

2. Classroom Rules and Procedures

There are a few classroom rules in the
Are rules stated in the positive
class because the students still very

Are there no more than 5 rules

Are rules clear and everyone


3. Positive Greetings at the door

How does your MST greet the

students when they arrive?

4. Managing independent work

Is there some independent

seatwork throughout the day

Does the teacher give clear


Does the teacher have extra

work for the kids who finish

young to understand all the rules ,so

my MST said all of them in positive
and simple way so the children can
understand ,like run without bushing
your friend also play and share .
When the students arrived My MST
said words like hi welcome to your
class and hugged and kiss them .
She is like a second mother to them .
There are independent works for the
like reading story ,washing their
hands , eating their food and tidy up
the classroom . They dont have extra
work if they finish , because they still
too young and they finished learning
in the same time .

Management Tactic
5. Communication

Does the teacher praise often?

What does she say?

If the teacher reprimands

(opposite of praise), is it very
short and not many words?

The teacher praise the students when

they do something good like eating
their food , so miss Zainab tell the
other student see this good students
he finished his food and club her
hand for hem . However if she is
going to reprimands the students she
just use a few words for them like we
are friend we should share things in
the class . She is never screaming or
being angry .

When the teacher want the students

to do something she will do it with
them like when they dance she
model the behavior she
danced , when they sang she sangs
expects? (for example, if she
and when she ask them to tidy up she
wants the students to listen
while others are speaking, does did as well .

6. Teach and Model Behavior

Does the teacher teach and

she do the same?)

7. Teacher Proximity (closeness)

Does the teacher move through

out the classroom?

Does she stand near those who

are not focusing?

8. Motivation System

Is there a reward system in the


Is it effective?

Miss Zainab didn't set all the day she

was like butterfly in the class she
moved around to see if all the
students are okay .She just sits if she
is going to read a story for the kids
and if someone is not listing she ask
hem to set beside her .
The reward system in the class is just
by clamping hands and praise the
students , and it is affective because
the students like when the teacher
praise them , they keep doing what
the teacher want them to do .

Management Tactic
9. Goal Setting

Does the teacher set goals for

The teacher told the student today

we will practice game for tomorrow .

the classs behavior? (Does she

say something like, OK, today
we are all going to get smiley
10.Visual schedule posted?

There is no schedule posted because

they still too young .

11. Cuing system to gain control of

My teacher ask the student to dob

something by their hands like move
your hands up then she said but your
hands down cross your legs ,cross
your arms , then she start to tell read
the play cartoon for them .

the classroom.

Does your teacher clap her

hands or sing a song to get the
students attention? How does
she get their attention at the
beginning or end of an activity?

12.5 to 1 ratio of positive to

negative comments and

Does your MST say many more

positive things than negative?


Does your MST smile at the

children often? How do the
children react?

14.Student answering questions

Does your teacher give

everyone a chance to answer

No she didn't , actually she don't talk

a lot to the students who not listen or
noisy because they still too young but
she said like today I am not happy
you always eat your food t why you
not why you not eating this time .
My teacher smile all the day because
she know that smiling will effect their
behaviour , and I can see that in the
class when she smiled to some of the
students then he came and hug her
and kiss her .
The most funny part for me is when
the teacher ask the students question,
she and I heard the answers from
each one of the students even if all of
them said the same answer she gave
chance for all of them to participate .

Observation :

This week, observe two children: one who has excellent behaviour and one who does not.
Write a paragraph comparing the two. Notice how the teacher interacts with both of them.
Watch how the children react when they are praised or reprimanded.
Watch how they both act when they are learning or working in groups.
What is the effect on the entire class when a child misbehaves?
Write several sentences about what you observed and what you think about it.
Which strategies does your teacher use with these children that you think are most
effective in managing the behaviour?

Every classroom has student with excellent behaviour and one who does not. In my classroom
Bader is the excellent one and Rananjay he is the misbehaviour one . Miss Zainab interact
differently with each of of them .Bader the excellent one she just told hem to stop play once ,but
Rananjay she didn't said that because she use another way to stop hem ,like giving instructions for
hem ,for example when she asked hem to help her in preparing the smart board before the kids
came to the smart board classroom , so he forgot about playing and being noisy at the classroom
and he followed the teachers rule . Miss Zainab always praised the students when they do
something good . She praise both of them in the same way ,like when Bader ate his food she told
the students that he is a good boy and she love hem , and when Rananjay do something good she
did the same ,she club her hands for both of them ,she kissed and hugged both of them , and they
react in the same way ,they did what their teacher asked them to do . However when she
reprimanded them , like Rananjay he was crying and not listening while all the kids were
watching the cartoon . She asked hem to set in the time out place ,thats mean to stand up beside
the wall for two or three minutes , but he react that with rejection of the teacher instruction ,
however when Bader reprimanded he felt sad ,and he tried to show the teacher that he is a good
boy . When they played in group Bader like to share toys with his friends, however Rananjay he
didnt share any toy with his friends at all . Also when they sit together to watch the cartoon Bader
sit with the other kids on the carpet , but Rananjay sit on his chair away of the other kids to watch
the cartoon . Actually Rananjay behaviour affect the other kids ,because while they are watching
the cartoon one of the kids want to sit on the Rananjays chair then they started to fight . Thats
mean if there is a misbehaviour student he can affect the others and they will copy his behaviour
if the teacher didn't control the class . Indeed when I observed the students I wondered how the
teacher will manage all this mess ,then when she started her lesson she took all of the students
attention by moving around the class and talking with every one . Also I surprised when she took
photos and videos for one of the student to document what that student is able to do now , like
when that student was waring her pants and when she washed her hand and ate her food , then
the teacher praise her . Its amazing to have a teacher who care about you .
In the end I think my teacher is talent because she know how to deal with her students, and what
to do in the right time . I think my teacher strategy to gave the misbehaviour one instruction to do
is the effective one because they distracted by the teachers instruction , so they stop being
noisy .