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Position Summary: Combating Drug Trafficking

Name of Delegate: Pawee Bank Nontamongkoltorn

Issue: How to combat drug trafficking through out Asia.
Country Assigned: Pakistan
1) General information about the issue.
Drugs are invented for the long time ago. Most of them
are useful in medical way. Still, some people abuse them
as a recreation drug. As they keep using drugs, they are
started to get addicted, and suddenly to change as a
junkie. As a junkie, an individual needs more drugs, so
the one need to call a buyer to get them. And the buyer
needs to get supplies from smugglers who transport
across from the boarder or local region. In addition,
smugglers need to face immigration officers for
inspection. However they can be turned blind eyed by
bribing them with a hefty amount of money. Hence,
everything will be normal as usual. This is called the
cycle of drug trafficking. It is still ongoing, and in order
to cease the cycle at once, it requires tons of efforts to
take down. In fact, there is a problem in decreasing the
activity of drug trafficking; Afghan-Pakistan border is
very vast, at 2430 km long. Some part of boarder is
insecure due to the lack of officers, protection, and holes
for entering-exiting these two countries. In spite of
heavily affording to protect the boarder, some
immigration officers are corrupted. Hence that creates a
hole for letting smugglers get in and out the country
with ease. Furthermore, they try to enter a low
protected security zone, as there is low chance to get
2) Country specific information regarding the issue.
Pakistan is a vulnerable country in drug trafficking. It
lacks of well-trained enforcers, including immigration
officers. Although, the government have commenced a
training program for the enforcers, yet ineffectively train
to certain region. An example, FATA (Federally
Administered Tribal Areas), this organisation is
responsible for administering locals, immigration, and
emigration. In fact, FATAs officers have stationed for
designated hours. Yet, during the off-duty hours, that is
the opportunity for smugglers to operate drug
trafficking. Even more, in Ghulam Khan, this is the
FATAs headquarter, and the only checkpoint that proves
to be the strongest one in Pakistan. Nonetheless,
Chaman, Tahan, and Peshawar are the weakest
checkpoint; especially Tahan, which has low-to-none

quantities of immigration officer to check out, and it is

an inaccessible area for FATA to operate immigration. As
the distance between Ghulam Khan and Tahan are very
far away, it takes long time to come down for the
mission, and it is too late to stop the drug trafficking in
that region. Speaking of Chaman, and Peshawar, they
are quite near the FATAs HQ. Even though, the FATA
officers are not assigned in a high number at Kabul River
and Budni Nala: the river is isolated and hard to detect
illegal actions thought out the area. Also, at that area,
flood is occasionally occurred, and thus it makes even
more difficult.
3) Examples of issue in or involving your country.
According to UNODC, other than Thailand,
approximately 40%, Pakistan is a transit and destination
country for opirates produced in Afghanistan Chaman,
Ghulam Khan, and Torkham are situated to Afghanistan.
Heroin smugglers smuggle 20 tons of heroin from
Afghanistan to sell Pakistani junkies. In 1980s, the action
made people became addicted, and abused heroin
excessively. Wise smugglers usually have small, mobile
laboratories, use for producing heroin, transporting
across the boarder by disguising as a ordinary mobile,
and keep doing the same thing consistently. Immigration
officers often miss the illegals, because of the lack of
observing skill, in which it proves its usefulness in
identifying objects or flaws. However, as the officers
receive well trains, smugglers alternatively come up a
new plan, to ensure that they will not get arrested in the
future. Some smugglers, instead using a mobile, they
smuggle drugs by sailing on the river for instance.
4) What are solutions that able to solve the issues.
Pakistan is considered to have people addicted to heroin
in a larger number, larger than Afghanistan, the most heroin
producer in the world. Buyers mostly get the good from that
country, and transport to Pakistan across the boarder. A first
fine solution of the problems, reinforcing immigration officers
to isolated, unsecured, and overlooked zones. The zones are
the gateway for smugglers to smuggle drugs across to the
destination, and the officers have a hard time to detect the
smugglers at the areas.