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MUS 3480

Practicum Lesson Plan

Portage West Middle School

2nd Hour-6th Grade Brass Class, Flute Sectional
Lesson Plan-Thursday, December 6

Students will be able to play their concert music with progress and understand the
new concept of 2/4 time.

Opening Set:
Inform students our goal for the days lesson
Task Analysis:
1. Warmup, Essential Elements #46-47:
a. The focus area today is 2/4 time. They have not played in 2/4
yet. Focus on the top and bottom numbers of the new key
signature and, how 2/4 is similar and different compared to 4/4.
b. Beginning with 46, have the kids clap & count, then play. Have
the kids play this on Concert G (a new note introduced in #49).
When they clap & count, they will want to count to 4!!!
c. 47 is the same rhythmically. They will need to singer the
i. Flutes & Oboe-#55, measures 2-17 only
2. Gingerbread, mm29-end: Check this carefully for rhythmic and pitch
accuracy. Go over the tenuto& staccato articulations, as well as the slurs
found throughout this section.
3. Beethoven: Work on mm5-20. Strive for a full & supported tone, as well
as long (legato) quarter notes. Work on the entrance of the flute/oboe at
4. Shark Attack, mm41-end: Really focus on the piano dynamics here.
Check the Ab concert in mm42 for accuracy. Go down the line and have
each student hold the note. Work on the transition between the pick-a-
note whole note (mm43-44). The kids will want to play on the rest on
count 1 of mm44.

Make sure students are able to complete the objective for each exercise before
moving onto the next one.
Closing Set:
Leave students with advice on how they can continue to improve

Keith Kelsey

MUS 3480

Practicum Lesson Plan

Portage West Middle School
3rd Hour-7th Grade Band, Trombone Sectional
Lesson Plan-Thursday, October 6

Students will be able to play their concert piece Night Before Christmas with
Opening Set:
inform students on what we will be working on for todays lesson
Task Analysis:

Measure 46-end
-The melody gets passed along through out different sections. Make sure students
play out when ever they carry the melody.
-Make sure percussionists are confident with their solos in measure 61.
-Make sure there is clean articulation in the melody starting at mm.64.

If students are able to play the designated sections of Night Before Christmas with
improvement, then the task is complete.
Closing Set:
Tell the students what a great job they are doing and how long they have come. And
thank them for allowing us to get in front of them and teach.