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Farhan Israq Ahmed

Bank Asia Ltd.

Weekly Journal 4
111 0440 030
Duration: 08/02/2015 to 12/02/2015
Bus 498
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Sheikh Mohammad Rabby (RBY)
I have come to an end of the 4th week of my internship program and 2nd week in
Customer Service. My task was same as last week, only the work load increased as I
also jumped to Front Desk as well whenever I was needed. I was in front desk fully
by my own as I am able to do so.
Most of the work in Customer Service is based on software so I had to observe only
as I am not authorized to operate it. I knew some of the option on the software.
This week was fully about organizing. As I updated those forms I also had to
maintain the signature cards of customers if they were available or not. This
signature card was stored to check the validity of the sign especially when customer
wants to draw their money out.
One of the product is DPS which is closed within six months if the customers dont
pay. These were one of the situation I got to learn from customer service. Customers
can open account and they need a permanent and also a present address and also
their business address. In their present address they will receive a thanks letter
which verifies their address.
In my customer service section I have also helped them to fill up their forms and the
requirements they need to fulfill, and when I couldnt answer their questions I asked
my seniors for help.
Every transaction made on the software called iSteller had a voucher which is filed
for documentation purpose for every employee. They also needed to be signed
before filing.
A regular communication is is maintained with head office and documents are not
only mailed but also a physical copy of the documents are sent and received from
the head office.