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Farhan Israq Ahmed

Bank Asia Ltd.

Weekly Journal 5
111 0440 030
Duration: 15/02/2015 to 19/02/2015
Bus 498
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Sheikh Mohammad Rabby (RBY)
This week we had internal audit so they checked every department. As I was in
customer service I had to fill up the undone forms and update it. They also needed
to be corrected and approved by higher officials like general bank in charge, head of
operation and branch manager. The audit checked the vouchers and every
documents possible. The audit inspection was for a bit more than one week. Audit
also checked the vouchers if they were properly set or not. At the end of the week
we had to send a report, more like a recommendation to Bangladesh bank in
Bengali which I composed.

Through asking questions I got to know how a bank operates. It follows the
guidelines of the central bank which is Bangladesh bank and those are given by the
heard office to every branch via Branch operation division. The head office also
provides the HR related instructions. So each branch doesnt take decisions on their
own. There are other departments in the head office such as anti-money laundering
department and credit department and Customer and Client Origination
Department (CACO). So these departments act as the head which instructs all the
branches of Bank Asia Ltd.

I also participated in meetings and I heard about the term walk in customers which
are known to be threat. These kind of customers are walk in the branch to open up
account or for foreign remittance. They need to be interviewed and judged properly
before letting them opening up account. The criterial can be if the customer lives or
works nearby, if he is far away then it becomes suspicious. We also need to learn
about their source of fund. So we need their work identity or if the customer is doing
business he needs to submit his trade license etc.

This week was a repetition of my previous weeks work but however I got to know
and ask a lot of questions and know about things well.