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Common Grammar Error

Expecting to Sound like a
Native Speaker
ENGL 245

Common Grammar Error

Learning a second language can be challenging at the
moment of develop it. They have to know at least the
meaning of simple words.

In the process of learning a second language, many
mistakes are made at the moment of speak. One of
these error are: Expecting to sound like a native

Common Grammar Error

This is considered the biggest mistake ever.
Even though is a great goal, chances are you

will never sound like a native speaker.
Your accent is beautiful. Diversity is


Common Grammar Error

Rahmila Murtiana, an English teacher

conducted a small research in 2011,
attempting to determine students perception
towards non native speaker teachers. The
participants of the research were students of
English Department Tarbiyah Faculty, State
Institute for Islamic Studies Antasari

Finding revealed a positive attitude toward

both non native and native speakers
teachers. As well as some difficulties in the
learning process with both groups equally.
Accent doesn’t matter…

Common Grammar Error
Rules for speaking clearly apply to everyone,

despite their accent.
Speak clearly (AR.TI.CU.LATE). Practicing

for a few minutes every day is the best way
to master any public speaking skill.

Common Grammar Error
How to communicate effectively?
 Articulate:

speak slowly and use a correct tone of

 Do not be afraid of corrections
 Try to use simple words and avoid the ones that are
difficult to pronounces
 Avoid running words together

Common Grammar Error
How to communicate effectively?
 Avoid

the use of filler and colloquialism
 Try to use less contractions so your message can be
 Understand that there are words that never will be
pronounced like a native speaker.
 Accept your accent and be confident.

Common Grammar Errors
The longer you use or need the language,

the more you will acclimate to the way
native speak.
As time goes on, more and more Americans

are going to “get with the program” and
learn how to talk to people with accent and
accept diversity.

Common Grammar Error


only thing that matters in language
is to communicate efficiently, be fluent
by listening and practice by yourself.
Do not expect to have another accent,
because others will hear your message,
no your intonation.

Common Grammar Error
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