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Chandler Skinner

Mr. Carlos Bezerra

Mr. Bezerras view on leadership is that of a jazz band. He said that if you were to look at
a jazz band, there is no conductor. So, he believes that an organization should be able to progress
through a shared vision among the members. Because this is just an ideal situation, he did say
that a leader should be able to become what is necessary to the group whether that be a teacher,
coach, etc.

I learned that based on the organization some traits of a generic leader arent as necessary
as others. For example, a leader in the military would need to be much more authoritative than
the head of a regional bank, but there is still a need for all leadership traits; whether they are used
equally is dependent on the occupation of the leader.

My views on leadership are very similar to Mr. Bezerras in that a leader should become
what is necessary; however, I think that the leader shouldnt be hidden within the group. I believe
that the leader should constantly be a role model for the others to strive to be though the perfect
organization would have leaders indistinguishable from the rest because the others have reached
the level that the leaders are at.