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Health Resource Review

Type of Resource: (e.g.
website, kit, database,
video series, book, etc.)
Appropriate Grade
Overall Expectations

Kids Health In The Classroom: Pre-K to Grade 2.
Human Body Series: The Five Sense
PDF document for teachers related to the 5 senses of the
human body, including activities and materials for the
(circle all that
Growth and
C1. demonstrate an understanding of factors that contribute
to healthy development;
C1.4 identify the five senses and describe how each functions

Source: (where would you
find it)

Background Information:
(what does it offer in terms
of information for teacher
and students as far as

This is a 9 page PDF document for teachers. There are
questions in the document the teacher can ask the students
to prepare them to start thinking about their senses and when
they use which sense. They are written in student friendly
language. There are also a variety of activities for students to
engage in and start exploring the use of their senses.

Activities: (what kind of
activities does the kit
include—type, number,

Detective Sense: investigate what kind of information the
different senses provide us with. Different stations are set up
for each of the senses and the students will rotate through


A Sensory Walk: use their senses to describe different places
in and outside of the school. Create a drawing of an area you
visited it and describe what your senses were experiencing

Multi-media Aspects:
(what does the resource
offer in terms of multimedia resources—is it
worksheets only, includes
video or computer games,

-has students working on worksheets for both activities that
the teacher would print out and leave at the stations for the
students to fill out
-additional websites for students are provided to explore
however, I do think this would be more beneficial if the
teacher guided the students along on the websites (doing it
as class), or if the teacher took information from those
websites and shared it with a class
-there is a quiz included in the document which gets the
students making the work of the senses to the picture
Ex. Hearing would be matched up with the ear

Assessment Component:
(what type of assessment
tools are included, if any)
Integration Aspects:
(how could the resource
assist in integrating health
topics across the

-when completing the sensory walk, students can also look for
content they are learning about in their science unit such as
animal habitats and the community
-oral communication: sharing with the class what kind of
senses were explored in their chosen area
-taste/touch/hear: for the taste portion of the detective sense
activity, students can be introduced to new foods from
different cultures. For touch the students may be exposed to
different textures and materials that may not be commonly
used within their own culture. The sense of hearing may
involve the students listening to music from different cultures

Additional Comments:
(what else do you have to
add about the resource that
isn’t included above)

-there are standards included in this document which outline
what the students will learn throughout the activities and
throughout exploring their senses
-provides examples of materials to leave at each station for
the detective sense activity that the creators of the page
have found to being effective

Choose a resource and complete the template. You may increase the boxes as
necessary. Write a 150-200 word summary describing your resource, what it is,
how it can be used, and what it includes. Add your summary directly in the
discussion post for your grade and topic. Title your post with the title of the
The resource I studied is one that teaches students about their 5 senses. Learning about
the 5 senses falls under the healthy living, growth and development strand of the Healthy
and Physical Education Curriculum. The activities posted in the document are a good way
to get the students thinking about the different ways they use their senses and just how
frequently used they are. They will explore the world around them and which senses are
most sensitive in certain environments. There are 2 activities included in the document.
One activity is completed in the classroom, which could be used as an introductory activity
to their senses. The second activity involves the class walking around the school and even
community and determining which of their senses are used in certain settings. Ex. in a
cafeteria, their sense of smell is most sensitive.