Classroom Observation Form

Name Lance Holly

Date 3-17-2015

Class Observed US History

Time 12:25-1:20 PM

Observer Don Walker-- ACC Department Chair

Department History and Foreign Languages

Completely Adequately Minimally

Not Observed Not Applicable

Provides well-designed materials
Employs effective learning activities
(i.e. small group discussion, student-led activities)
Employs multimedia technology
Delivers well-planned lecture
Exhibits professional behavior
• Excellent use of a modified, Socratic Discussion method of teaching with supporting technology

Completely Adequately Minimally Not Observed Not Applicable

Teacher-Student Interaction
Solicits student input
Involves a variety of students
through discussion
Demonstrates awareness of individual
student learning needs
Maintains student attention and focus
Asks questions to monitor student progress
Shows enthusiasm for subject matter and teaching
• Coaches students to respond, clarifies concepts, praises students’ contributions, uses eye contact to
engage students
• Students feel free to ask questions; students are immediately acknowledged by the instructor
• Students are engaged and respectful of each other and the instructor
• Close Reading Exercises based on primary sources reinforce the myriad causes of the Cold War

Completely Adequately Minimally Not Observed Not Applicable

Class Structure
Reviews previous day’s course content
Gives overview of day’s course content
Summarizes course content covered
Directs student preparation for next class
Uses class time effectively
• Effectively utilized entire class time employing a variety of pedagogical tools

Completely Adequately Minimally Not Observed Not Applicable

Demonstrates knowledge of content area
Demonstrates good organizational skills
Explains concepts clearly
Relates concepts to students’ experience
and/or uses real world examples
Selects learning experiences
(appropriate to level of learning)
• Demonstrates mastery of the subject matter and conveys high expectations for student preparation and

Completely Adequately Minimally Not Observed Not Applicable

Organizes course clearly
Provides clear expectations for students
Defines objectives clearly in the syllabus

Provides opportunity for introductions
Provides constructive comments to students
Gives students feedback in a timely manner
Comments: This was a traditional classroom observation

• Where applicable, try to make more connections to contemporary current events and developments. For
example, there are many analogies between the Cold War and the 21st Century War on Terrorism.
** The Concurrent Enrollment Program and ACC is fortunate to have an educator of your exceptional knowledge,
enthusiasm, and teaching ability.

Instructor’s Comments:      

Based on this classroom observation the instructor met classroom expectations:

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