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Alvin Serrano Sánchez
Universidad of Turabo
Workshop Five
ENGL 245

a. Pronouns: Any word that takes the place of a noun.
b. Nouns and numbers: When we speak about one person and one thing, we use the noun in
singular form. Single means one. Plural means many.
c. Mass nouns: A noun with the syntactic property that any quantity of it is treated as an
undifferentiated unit, rather than as something with discrete subsets.
d. Count nouns: A noun that can form a plural and, in the singular, can be used with the
indefinite article.
e. Possessive forms of nouns: Nouns are usually made possessive by adding an apostrophe and s.

1st Quiz:
The nouns of this paragraph are underlined and written in fuchsia.
Francis Macomber had, half an hour before, been carried to his tent from the edge of
the campin triumph on the arms and shoulders of thecook, the personal boys, the skinner and
theporters. The gun-bearers had taken no part in thedemonstration. When the native boys put
him down at the door of his tent, he had shaken all theirhands, received their congratulations,
and then gone into the tent and sat on the bed until his wifecame in. She did not speak to him
when she came in and he left the tent at once to wash his face andhands in the portable
wash basin outside and go over to the dining tent to sit in a comfortable canvaschair in
the breeze and the shade.

2nd Quiz

Some nouns are countable which means you can use either the singular or plural form of the
Example: Book - a book - some books.
Other nouns are uncountable which means you can use ONLY the singular form of the noun.
Example: information - some information
The chart below shows the most common modifiers for countable and uncountable nouns.

You answered 26 items out of 26 correctly.
Your score is 100%. Excellent job!

3rd Quiz
Possessive Noun Quiz
Write the correct form of the possessive noun in the text box. Your score will appear after
you answer the last question. The possessive nouns are presented in phrases so you can
determine if they are singular or plural before you correct them in the text boxes.

1. the dogs tail

2. butterflies wings

3. the womens club
w omen's

4. the buses routes

5. the wolves howls
w olves'

6. the princes crown

7. the three boys games

8. the radios dial


9. the dishes cabinet

10. the benches cushions

is your score!

This class has been very intense; lots of reading and writing. Just the way I like them. We’ve
been going over everything, from type of sentences, to subject and predicate, from types of verb
to descriptive and prescriptive grammar. Learning is easy with the right topic.
Every activity during class was excellent and helped me enrich my writing and speaking
techniques, both as an apprentice, and as future teacher. Often the system leaves us with gaps.
They are classes how are you that fill those white. The rest is practice. Well as you said: practice
makes perfect